BREAKING NEWS: NBC Willingly Chooses Another Game Over Crosby-Ovechkin on March 8th

Ready to see more of the Rangers, kids?  Yeah.  At least this time, it’s against a Bruins team that’s been screaming for some national attention this season.  NBC’s taking the Bruins-Rangers showdown from the Garden as it’s Game of the Week March 8th at 12:30 PM.

12:30 p.m. – 3 p.m. 
NHL GAME OF THE WEEK (Boston Bruins @New York Rangers)(live) 
Commentators: Mike Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, Pierre McGuire, Mike Milbury 
Site: Madison Square Garden, New York, NY 
*Available in High Definition 

This will be the Rangers third “Game of the Week” appearance, the Bruins first, and potentially first of three straight, as Bruins-Pens will likely be taken over Rags-Flyers and Wings-Jackets on 3/15 and Bruins-Devils will probably get chosen over Kings-Hawks on 3/22 (with Crosby’s Pens taking on Philly ineligible for selection). 

Who’s psyched to see another beatdown from The Garden?  To be fair, folks would’ve gone nuts if the Pens-Caps had been selected twice in a row, from the same building nonetheless, and it’s not like Phoenix-Isles or Hawks-Avs are really gonna set the world on fire.  Finally, it’s high time the Bruins got on the network to see if they have any ratings potential.


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9 Responses to BREAKING NEWS: NBC Willingly Chooses Another Game Over Crosby-Ovechkin on March 8th

  1. Thanks for posting this! I’ve got tickets to the game, but I haven’t been able to book bus tickets because of the “TBD” start time.

    Based on how the Bruins did last time they played nationally, this may get good ratings.

  2. John says:

    Awesome! that means us hockey fans in pittsburgh get treated to a double-header!

  3. Brad says:

    As a Caps fan, thank goodness. NBC doesn’t seem to work well for our record, and it’ll be nice not to have to deal with an earlier start time again. Good the see NBC realize you don’t need to sell Crosby/Malkin/Ovie to sell the game.

  4. kevin says:

    The Rangers are like watching paint dry. I can’t watch them play. They are a bunch of disinterested pansies. They have produced two crappy efforts on NBC already. Why another? Anything is better than a Ranger game.

  5. Andi says:

    I don’t really blame NBC for doing that – two games on two successive Sundays in the same building with the same teams is a bit much. Plus, Boston deserves the love, even if it is against the Rags.

  6. Ricky Muncie says:

    “At least this time, it’s against a Bruins team that’s been screaming for some national attention this season.”

    The Sharks have been SCREAMING for some national attention for the last couple of years as a top 5 team in the league, best in the west right now with games in hand on the Bruins. Yet the Sharks haven’t been on NBC in the regular season since NBC moved to one national game of the week.

    Where’s your outrage for that????

  7. kevin says:

    12:30 eastern time is 9:30 in San Jose. NBC wants to make sure that anyone interested in watching at least isn’t still in bed.

  8. Ricky Muncie says:

    They still hate on the Sharks, and I don’t see the outcry there. That’s the point. And WTF is up with having a NATIONAL game of the week at 9:30am Pacific. Guess what the most populous state in the Union is? HINT: It’s not New York, Massachusetts, or Pennsylvania.

  9. John says:

    They should have two games. Either air them as a double header or air one game at 12:30 on the east coast and air the other at 12:30 in the west

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