Some Random Observations From a Night of Center Ice and VERSUS

We randomly flip to the designated Center Ice channels on our Verizon cable system, just to see if maybe we got lucky and this week’s a free preview week.  Turns out: This week is it!  Yay!  So we decided to give you 5 random things we’ve learned from watching Center Ice from 7PM till 1AM:

1. Pierre McGuire is hilarious when not doing NBC games.  Where is this Pierre with Doc and Eddie on Sundays?  When commenting on Mike Fisher’s play against the Predators last night, he stated:

The Senators should sponsor Carrie Underwood concerts every night, ’cause Fisher’s just playin’ great.

That’s pretty awesome.  He’s informative, opinionated and entertaining.  Plus, when he’s not with Milbury, he’s usually unscripted.

2. Columbus will be an awesome hockey market when it makes the playoffs.  Did you see the crowd for that Stars-Jackets game, or better yet, hear them?  Fantastic, noisy throughout the game.  Columbus has good will for it’s hockey team that cities that have made playoff runs in years past (ahem, quiet Devils fans) just don’t.  It will be amazing in Ohio’s capital when they make a run, but…

3. A February game vs. the Stars is not “The biggest game in Blue Jackets history”.  This was stated at least twice during the pre-game portion of FS Ohio’s Blue Jackets coverage.  Please, we understand that it means fifth-place, but the “biggest game in Blue Jackets history” won’t happen till it’s the one that clinches them a spot in the chase for the Cup.  Everyone remembers John MacLean’s OT Winner in Chicago, securing Jersey’s playoff destiny.  No one remembers any of what they did in February.

4. John Tortorella is still ornery.  During the intermission of Sens/Preds on TSN, he called the Senators “gutless” for what they said about Craig Hartsburg after he was fired, and suggested that they should’ve just “shut their goddamn mouths”.  Well, we never… heard something that honest and entertaining during an intermission report.  I envy Canadians.  You even take Americans away from us and make them compelling TV personalities.

5. The NHL buzzer beater is better than any basketball buzzer beater.  We had high hopes for the Kings-Thrashers game.  Okay, maybe not high hopes, but hopes.  That maybe, this game between two teams – one going nowhere and one still five points short of a playoff spot – would entertain me until the wee hours of the night.  Hopes that were dashed when the Thrashers went up 3-0 and 4-1.  We returned to it by chance with 8 minutes left and the Kings down 6-5, and were hooked the rest of the way, down to Anze Kopitar’s game-tying goal with :05 seconds left.  The scrapping, chaos and all-out work it takes to just get a tying goal with so little time makes it infinitely better than Joe Schmo throwing the ball in the hoop from half-court.

3 Responses to Some Random Observations From a Night of Center Ice and VERSUS

  1. Leafsfan1967 says:

    Does Verizon Fios now have NHL CI and if so do they carry both the home and away feeds of NHL CI or just one?

  2. PuckMoney says:


    I’m not sure about Verizon, but what I’m pretty sure about is that NHL CI decides on which markets are carried, as blackout restrictions apply to NHL CI. Over this season though, I would say only one to two games a night are viewable through both home and away feeds on NHL CI.

  3. Leafsfan1967 says:


    I actually have NHLCI on DirecTV right now and they have done a pretty good job of adding dual feeds. They are almost always there when two US teams play and are there probably 2/3 of the time if a Canadian team is involved.

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