NHL On NBC, Week 3: Mike and Pierre Hand Out Valentines, We Go to Sharks-Devils Game Like the Rest of You Wanted To

We watched about half a period, plus the first intermission of NBC’s broadcast of the Rangers-Flyers disaster from Madison Square Garden.  Luckily for us, it was with the sound turned off.  See, we were in Newark, NJ at the Brick City Bar & Grill, a lovely, Devils-friendly bar – wouldn’t you know it – right across the street from the Prudential Center’s box office.  We love seeing entire restaurants filled with Devils fans rooting against the Rangers.

Jealous much?  We went to the Devils-Sharks game and pretty much skipped out on the New York-Philadelphia “high profile matchup”.  What a shame.  We missed a 5-2 rout for the Flyers.  We instead got to see two of the best teams in the league duke it out to a 6-5 final, in favor of New Jersey.  That’s the point we’re trying to make here, that NBC would’ve done the league a favor airing Devils-Sharks.

We know, we know, it’s a small-market game, and Sharks fans would be forced to awaken at the ungodly hour of 9:30 AM on a Sunday morning for a hockey game (Something we, mind you, have always dreamed of).  But this is the PERFECT weekend to try it out.  Competition for the audience that’d be watching a hockey game is pretty slim.  The NBA All-Star Game isn’t till primetime, and the Daytona 500 doesn’t feature much of a hockey-friendly audience (Prove me wrong, Raleigh).  This is the one chance the NHL has to experiment with a game that might just draw the passing fancy of some channel-flipper and they missed.

Instead, they got Milbury and McGuire whining about facts we already all knew about the Rangers.  How do we already know them?  Because WE SEE THE RANGERS EVERY WEEK ON NBC AND VERSUS!  Don’t you think, mythical NBC person listening to me rant, that hockey fans might wanna see some positive stuff once every now and then.  Like the 550,000 people who tuned into Sharks-Bruins on Tuesday?  Not a chance any of those people carry over to Sunday.  Not at all.

So we’re not going to rate NBC’s broadcast this week.  We saw the intermission report videos on NBCSports.com.  They were they same somewhat entertaining, ultimately over-rehearsed sissyfits that McGuire and Milbury have been punching in for a little over a year.  We’re sure Doc and Eddie were fine, and Eddie said “active stick” a lot.  But we’re skipping reviewing NBC this week in protest of what a stupid decision they made.

Just to drive the point home here, head to NHL.com and watch Sharks-Devils highlights, then watch Rangers-Flyers highlights, and we’ll upload the YouTube-d versions here to make it even further.  NBC made a big mistake this time around, and they better hope hockey fans will forgive them in time for another overhyped retread, Pens-Caps.  We’ll probably watch that, but it’s still time we saw something new.


3 Responses to NHL On NBC, Week 3: Mike and Pierre Hand Out Valentines, We Go to Sharks-Devils Game Like the Rest of You Wanted To

  1. Jim says:

    AMEN!!! As much as I hate the fact that NBC ignores the Devils they ‘almost’ make it up in showing games where the Rangers get their egos handed to them by the other team. Maybe NBC will wake up and realize that the Rangers have another 39 years to win another Stanley Cup.

  2. Thirded. What a waste. I can’t afford cable so this is the only hockey I get, week-in, week-out, and it just gets worse. Milbury is a joke, the “debates” are pointless and awkward. Did we really need the entire broadcast team meditating on the Rangers’ woes for two hours, as if their average season constitutes some kind of massive franchise failure that threatens to bring down the entire league?

    Mike Emrick’s genius is this program’s only saving grace.

  3. Don says:

    NBC especially and Versus as a frequent accomplice seem to be doing everything to kill any chance hockey will grow on TV. It’s obvious neither cares not everyone wants to see the New York Rangers, Detroit Red Wings and/or Pittsburgh Penguins every week. Do the suits at NBC and Versus really think anyone outside of the New York metropolitan area really wants to sit through the long debates about the Rangers’ scoring woes week after week?? Can you imagine how often the Rangers will be the featured team on Sundays once Steve Avery joins them?? Fortunately, I have NHL Center Ice so I ignored another boring Rangers-Flyers telecast and watched that exciting Devils-Sharks game. What a game!!!!!! Tonight is another lost opportunity for Versus. They’re shoving Rangers-Blues down our throats ignoring what should be a great matchup in Dallas-Columbus which is the game I’ll be watching.

    It amazes me the networks try to convince us there are only 4 or 5 teams in the NHL and totally ignore teams in the league that are actually interesting to watch like the Sharks, Blackhawks, Devils, Panthers, Flames and even though they don’t have a good won-lost record, the Kings with their young corps of future stars. NBC and Versus say they want to highlight the young stars and I can’t argue with that as far as growing the league but there are many young, emerging stars besides Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin. Maybe the best kept secret in the league is Jerome Iginla but neither NBC or Versus seem to know he exists. Maybe if NBC featured one of the Canadian teams once in awhile, maybe there’d be a bigger audience during the Stanley Cup playoffs since a Canadian team occasionally vies for the cup.

    To grow the league and grow the ratings, NBC and Versus should be featuring as many of the 30 NHL teams as they can. It’s sad they don’t

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