NBC’s Olympic Site Running, Your Official Timeslot Schedule for the Olympic Hockey Tournamnets

With Norway, Latvia and Germany all qualifying, the Olympic tournament for next February is completely set.  NBC’s Olympic site is up and running, and it has some features on players and highlights of the ’06 Sweden/Finland classic Gold Medal game.  It also has the dates and times that competition will be taking place.  We’ll do our best to match it up with the schedules we posted earlier this year.  It’s gonna be 11 hours straight of hockey some days, so get ready to salivate!

February 13
Women’s Tournament
Sweden vs. Switzerland
8:00 Canada vs. Slovakia

February 14
Women’s Tournament
Finland vs. Russia
7:30 USA vs. China

February 15
Women’s Tournament 
Sweden vs. Slovakia
10:00 Switzerland vs. Canada

February 16
Men’s Tournament
Canada vs. Norway
7:30 USA vs. Switzerland
Midnight Russia vs. Latvia

Women’s Tournament
Finland vs. Russia
10:00 Russia vs. USA

February 17
Men’s Tournament
Czech Republic vs. Slovakia
7:30 Sweden vs. Germany
Midnight Finland vs. Belarus

Women’s Tournament
Slovakia vs. Switzerland
10:00  Canada vs. Sweden 

February 18
Men’s Tournament
Switzerland vs. Canada
7:30 USA vs. Norway
Midnight Slovakia vs. Russia

Women’s Tournament
China vs. Russia
10:00 USA vs. Finland

February 19
Men’s Tournament
Czech Republic vs. Latvia
7:30 Belarus vs. Sweden 
Midnight Finland vs. Germany

February 20
Men’s Tournament
Norway vs. Switzerland
7:30 Latvia vs. Slovakia
Midnight Germany vs. Belarus 

Women’s Tournament
5:30 & 8:00
Fifth-Place Semi-Finals

February 21
Men’s Tournament
Canada vs. USA
7:30 Russia vs. Czech Republic
Midnight Sweden vs. Finland

February 22
Women’s Tournament 
5:30 7th Place Game
8:00 Semi-Finals
10:30 5th Place Game 

February 23
Men’s Tournament
Qualifying Round (Teams will be ranked 1-12, 1-4 will receive a bye in this round)
3:00 #5 vs. #12
7:30 #6 vs. #11
10:00 #7 vs. #10
Midnight #8 vs. #9

February 24
Men’s Tournament
3:00 #1 Seed vs. Winner of #8-#9 Match
7:30 #2 Seed vs. Winner of #7-#10 Match
10:00 #3 Seed vs. Winner of #6-#11 Match
Midnight #4 Seed vs. Winner of #5-#12 Match

February 25
Women’s Tournament
2:00 Bronze Medal Game
6:30 Gold Medal Game

February 26
Men’s Tournament
3:00 & 9:30 Semi-Finals

February 27
Men’s Tournament
10:00 Bronze Medal Game

February 28
Men’s Tournament 
Gold Medal Game 


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