Shopping with Wrap: It’s in the Bag Edition.



Hey, you know the price for that gauuuuudy monstrosity? 324 dollars (roughly 4.32 pairs of Ugg boots from Nordstrom Rack). That is not a joke. Oh and you can buy now and not pay for 90 days! That’s an amazing idea in this economy…Those are not diamonds. They are crystal diamond posers glued to two license plates. Oh but it is lined in VELVET. You know I am totally a whore for fashion, but even then I can’t bring myself to spend more than 50 bucks on a purse. I am an amazing sale shopper.

Things that fit in this purse;

-iPhone OR jewel encrusted Sidekick 3

-prescription for Valtrex.

-overpriced lipgloss

-a mirror and one razor blade

-card for tanning minutes

-singles and a gstring

-one compact Tampax Pearl


-a spare belly ring

-Miley Cyrus perfume


-A game ticket maybe…

Other cool shit I could buy with 324 dollars.

-Uhhhhhh. Uhmmmmm. How about a REAL hockey jersey?

-I could buy a fuckton of Dunkaroos.

-Rent a bouncy castle, cotton candy machine and a dunk tank for like a 3 day carnival weekend. [Bonus, can charge neighborhood children and make money back.]

-A nameplate ring. With my Wu Tang Clan name.

-A Bose sound system?

-Snuggies. For me and all my friends.

-SlapChops. ShamWow Vince is fighting Scientology!

-Buy nearly an entire season of hockey with my boys.

-Some fly new kicks.

-A rad tiny dog I could carry in my purse even though I would never do such a thing.

-Pay Coyote Shivers to sing Sugar High. See below.

sans Zellweger. Duh.

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Hi I'm Heather. Call me WAC. Everyone else does.

13 Responses to Shopping with Wrap: It’s in the Bag Edition.

  1. Tim says:

    Wow. That’s even worse than the duffel bags made from vintage Starter jackets:

  2. eyebleaf says:

    I’m going to have nightmares about the purse…

  3. tanya says:

    that purse suffers from serious lack of taste

  4. Grrrreg says:

    I don’t know which one is the worst.

  5. Q-girl says:

    Classy dames such as myself would never ever put our condoms, valtrex, travel astroglide, and lipgloss in such a monstrosity. Unforch you are not so timely, this shizz is so 2008. Anyway, I have a headcold and backspasms… and now looking at this purse had given me eyestrain – so thanks, thanks a lot.

    PS. If we all had snuggies we could look like a crazy cult. We could sew the logo of our favorite team onto the arm. I just want to feel like I belong, ya know?

  6. hipchecks says:

    I saw those purses last season for the Coyotes and I thought who in their right mind would by that crap at those prices?

    I srsly want to go work for the NHL and tell them what women want in sports fashion cuz it sure isn’t the crap they sell.

  7. danielleia says:

    Yeah. I’d not buy that. Is that thing freakin’ make of metal? Is it a tin lunch box with bling? Fugly is the only way to describe it.

  8. Lori says:

    omg… sunggies for all of your friends? Pleaaaseeee?

  9. Q-girl says:

    PS. Shouldn’t this be a Debils purse? It has a bottle cap clasp. It comes in a box shape which means it fits comfortably under your arm ( And it is much less expensive, which means that people from Jersey can afford it. It is still made from liscence plates and velvet, the only thing missing is the crystals. This means that cheap colored glass is valued at just under $300.

    Aren’t we all Debils fans? Maybe I, a debils fan, should be blogging here. Why is my own damn blog so time consuming? Why are the 16- 20 year old boys all fighting for my time and yelling “me me me” like a little baby bird? I miss my Debils. What do I need to do to prove my value as a debils fan? Take pics of myself in nothing but the jersey?

  10. bkblades says:

    For $324 US, this purse better put out.

  11. Monica says:

    So are you telling us to pool all our $$ together and get this Bedazzled purse for you? But someone might steal it!

  12. Damn. Too late for Valentines day.

  13. Lori, Snuggies and Bump Its!

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