To End the Week: Chico Resch, Emmy Approved

Perhaps we’re going against the grain of public opinion here, but we love Chico Resch.  Even if we weren’t Devils fans, how an you not enjoy him?  Working with Doc Emrick on Devils telecasts, the two are hilarious, informative and passionate.  So Chico is a little for the home guys every now and then, what local analyst isn’t?  Obviously, we’ve met him in person and seen what a nice guy and fantastic storyteller the man is, so we’re biased.  But Chico deserves a lot more respect than he gets currently.

Which is why we’re happy to say that Resch, for the first time as Devils analyst for MSG Plus/SportsChannel/FSN, has been nominated for a New York Area Emmy.  Fang’s has the whole list, which includes Isles play-by-play man Howie Rose getting recognition in the play-by-play category.  We sure hope Chico wins.  We’re Mets fans too, so rooting against Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez is rough.  But who cares?  Chico gets no respect, I tell ya, and it’s high time he got some.

That’s it for us this week.  Curl is in on Saturday, we’ll see you Monday.

One Response to To End the Week: Chico Resch, Emmy Approved

  1. Tim says:

    Off-topic — and no disrespect meant to our main man Chico — but Steve, bro, are you watching this Habs-Avs second period? Altitude is doing it in black and white with old-time graphics and no scoreboard box as a “flashback”, probably to honor the Habs’ 100th anniversary. Wild stuff.

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