Top 5: Best Mainstream Hockey Blogs

We’ve been waiting a little while for this list.  This is just a Top 5 list of some of our favorite blogs written by people who are paid to write about hockey in newspapers anyway.  

5. Tom Gulitti, Fire & Ice

We’re Devils fans, so we’re biased (Which, by the way, is the official drinking game trigger of Puck the Media) but Gulitti’s reporting made following a team that was once known for being the death towards everything in hockey might even convert of few hockey Puritans who still think the trap was masterminded by Lou Lamoriello.  Gulitti’s is constantly willing to update and break stories, such as Martin Brodeur’s half-season long injury and Brendan Shanahan’s signing with New Jersey.  Plus, Gulitti’s finally starting to let a little of his wit show off on the site, and it’s made it all the better.

4. George Richards, On Frozen Pond

It can be hard for a fan in the south to follow hockey, especially before blogs existed.  But guys like George Richards are making it easy to give the ice-starved in South Florida the 411 on One Panther Parkway.  Moves up to fourth for being the first person ever to call the New Jersey Nets “Netropolitans”.

3. Rich Hammond and Jill Pinter, Inside the Kings

No one fights as hard for hockey coverage in Southern California as Rich Hammond, and his coverage of the Kings is super in-depth, always with a little different perspective.  Even after being promoted within the LA Daily News, he’s kept blogging and promised to get the maximum coverage for the Kings, no easy feat in a crowded LA sports market.

2. Aaron Portzline, Tom Reed and Michael Arace, Puck-rakers

Every hockey market that’s been in existence since the beginning of the 90’s and on should have a blog like this.  The gang at Puck-rakers aren’t just keeping the CBJ faithful informed, they’re teaching a city that’s had a hockey team for less than a decade some subtle facts about the game.  I’d recommend it to any new or old-school hockey fan.

1. Mike Halford and Jason Brough, Orland Kurtenblog 

Oh, Kurtenblog.  How you consistently light up our day with your caustic tales of what’s going around the league and in Vancouver.  Halford and Brough’s daily dose of sarcasm makes me marvel every time I realize it’s on the website of a Vancouver newspaper.  That two men are paid to be this hilarious and insightful on hockey consistently makes me seethe with anger.

Honorable Mention: Damian Cristodero of Lightning Strikes and Tarik El-Bashir’s Capitals Insider.


One Response to Top 5: Best Mainstream Hockey Blogs

  1. Gotta love a blog with an official drinking game.

    Is it the admission of bias, or any sort of devils bias that’s the trigger?

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