Lil Wayne Discusses Fighting in Hockey

We’re big fans of Lil Wayne, he’s a hilarious, entertaining, gregarious rapper who manages to make listenable beats even for the most rap-a-phobic white kid.  This is why we were excited to see Lil Wayne on “Around the Horn” yesterday.  Also, because we’re never excited to see “Around the Horn” ever.

Anyway, one of the topics that came up (2:50 into the video) was fighting in hockey.  While Weezy doesn’t think “they’ll ever be able to stop the fighting” he supports multiple-game suspensions and immediate ejections for those who do fight.  He also wants them to immediately stop fights in which a player loses or takes off his helmet.

Just another perspective to throw into this great fighting debate.


2 Responses to Lil Wayne Discusses Fighting in Hockey

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  2. I watched this the other day. And I wondered if I was high.

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