Milbury/McGuire Round 2 of 9: Hark! An Agreement!

Well that was certainly a letdown, considering the hype.  Pierre McGuire got in a few not-so-subtle jabs at Mike Milbury for trading Zdeno Chara, and both men actually agreed on something!  

During the first intermission, the two men set the topic for no-touch icing.  Milbury claimed that in the wake of Kurtis Foster’s incredible pants-touching leg-bone (Yuck, by the way) the no-touch icing rule should be reinstated.  Pierre agreed, calling for “some workplace safety”.

The debate then shifted to Sean Avery.  Milbury felt the Rangers’ record with Avery in the lineup (perhaps the most overused stat in hockey) would justify the team being able to bring him back when he returns from exile.  Pierre McGuire argued against this, saying that Avery couldn’t be controlled because “He doesn’t have Brendan Shanahan babysitting him” anymore.

In the second period, the two men gave their three players at forward, defense and goalie.  Milbury went with Alex Ovechkin, Nick Lidstrom and Marty Brodeur.  McGuire selected Ovechkin, Chara and Evgeni Nabakov, wondering aloud how Milbury could have traded Chara back in 2001.  Milbury responded by calling him a “self-made” player.  Is it a jab calling Big Z un-coachable?

Overall, it was a mostly mild affair, though tempers did spark a bit when they talked about Avery.  It still seems a little too scripted and phony, but I’d bet you that 90% of the audience watching stayed in their seats for the intermission shows.

Moving on to the rest of the game coverage, some random thoughts:

  • Did anyone else think the camera shot at Mellon Arena was a bit too zoomed out?
  • Great Mike Emrick Line, Part 1: “[player] tosses it on to Ville Leino, no relation to Jay”.
  • Eddie Olczyk continues to seem a little too marginalized, and Pierre McGuire a bit too goofy in the booth.  One might need to relocate somewhere else soon.
  • Great Mike Emrick Line, Part 2: “So there will be posters in the school in Pittsburgh tomorrow for Petr Sykora, becuase he was the first to hit [Marian] Hossa”.

NBC continues to deliver a solid broadcast, and avoids the Pens and Wings for the first time this season with a Flyers-Rangers telecast.  MSG-hosted games tend to be some of the poorest-broadcast, even in HD.  We shall see.

One Response to Milbury/McGuire Round 2 of 9: Hark! An Agreement!

  1. ADAM says:

    I don’t understand the animosity towards Hossa by Pens fans. In my opinion, he was their best player in the playoffs last season and he’s an incredibly talented hockey player. So I understand why they wanted him and are unhappy he’s a Red Wing. But most act like he abandoned their team, which just is not the case. He was a short-term rental player for the playoffs and it backfired. Teams do that all the time at trade deadline. But the Pens fans all act as though it is comparable to Chelios ditching Chicago for the greener pastures of Detroit. C’mon, Hossa was BARELY a Penguin, get over it.

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