When goalies try to be sexy.

You see, I was already make fun of more NHL merch. But that would be too easy. And then I saw the pictures of Henrik Lundqvist in Italiano Vogue for Dudes. I am a lady and I love both a butterfly goalie and a killer pair of four and a half inch stilettos which means obviously I have to cover this. Plus it’s media related making it semi topical….  The post writes itself I think.

sup babe? oh yeah, my shirt's unbuttoned....for you.

sup babe? oh yeah, my shirt's unbuttoned....for you.

This is the conversation that took place with Kim of Puck Huffers about the spread;

kimberlass: henrik lundqvist makes me so uncomfortable.
kimberlass: I wish he wouldn’t play hockey
wraparoundcurl: because he looks skeezy?
kimberlass: Yeah. He is like…fake.
kimberlass: He should be in a romantic comedy
wraparoundcurl: HAHAHA
wraparoundcurl: one of the ensemble players of He’s Just Not That Into You
kimberlass: Exactly
wraparoundcurl: he’s one of the douches at the bar
kimberlass: Zoe and i had a discussion of what sex would be like with him, inspired by this one photo we have of him where he actually looks bangable. And like….
kimberlass: He would just “make love” to you and not care if you got off and then would roll off of you, kiss you on the forehead and want to cuddle.
kimberlass: And you would be like
kimberlass: srsly get the fuck out
wraparoundcurl: omg, he soooooo would
wraparoundcurl: and he’d be like “I just wanna bask in your beauty, babe”
kimberlass: hahahahahahahahaha
kimberlass: omgggggg
wraparoundcurl: and other shit he read in men’s health
kimberlass: So true
kimberlass: hahaha, he IS men’s health.
kimberlass: Like, I’m pretty sure those magazines are his periodical autobiography.
wraparoundcurl: that sounds about right
kimberlass: he’s so creepy.
kimberlass: I wish he would not partake in our fine sport.
kimberlass: Lest he sully the reputatuion of the other, more real men.
wraparoundcurl: this list is wow…. http://www.menshealth.com/mhlists/womans_sexual_turnons/index.php
wraparoundcurl: it’s allegedly written by a woman
kimberlass: ……………
kimberlass: I have no words for this.
kimberlass: wait, one.
kimberlass: whaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttttt
wraparoundcurl: number 16 caused me to nearly start a riot
wraparoundcurl: I bet dudes who read Mens Health and chicks who read Cosmo are made for each other.

you like those messy sheets? they are awfully suggestive.

"you like those messy sheets? they are awfully suggestive."

kimberlass: http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r301/WyoJobie/2hl.jpg
wraparoundcurl: what a smarmy Daniel Craig wannabe

Henrik, I will give you points for one, appearing in such a esteemed magazine. No really. That wasn’t even sarcasm. I guess Sean Avery probably has the American Vogue market monopolized. Ok so I don’t have a two. But uhm, it’s exposure of hockey in such a great….market? Ok so maybe my two is “nice job smiling with your eyes.” Miss Tyra would approve. But it still makes players seem just as unaccessable as before. I suppose what would make me happy is if Entertainment Weekly got a blip of some NHLer talking about how much they love 30 Rock and isn’t it crazy how much that show seems obsessed with werewolves?

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3 Responses to When goalies try to be sexy.

  1. tanya says:

    If possible I hate him even more now… He sooo not hot

  2. I do what I can…making goalies be hated…

  3. chriswassel says:

    That explains why Lundqvist has the flu.

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