So Let’s Talk About the Milbury-Connolly Thing

Look, Barry Melrose Rocks, Puck Daddy and Awful Announcing have all covered this better than I did.  Here’s essentially what happened, via BMR:

During the second intermission, they’re going through highlights from games around the league. You would think things would be pretty tame. I know, it’s Milbury, but we’re talking about simple highlights here. Well, when they get to highlights of the Buffalo game, they play the video of Connolly’s goal, which opened the scoring. Tappen decides to ask Milbury for some comments on Connolly and he responds in the way we’ve kind of come to expect: “Tim Connolly, a former fifth overall pick…when he’s not injured or acting like a self-centered little dick he’s a very good player”

Live TV and folks who don’t have any internal mute buttons, a match made in heaven! A big thanks to NESN for giving Milbury a mic when he’s not on NBC or CBC. You’re keeping the masses entertained!

As others have explained, it turns out that Milbury actually said “dink”, which is certainly less offensive than the other thing.  But look, Milbury’s going to say some controversial things.  Whether they’re right or wrong, it’s what he’s paid to do and he certainly hasn’t disappointed.  We’ll have more on him (and his feud with Pierre McGuire) later in the day.

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