Some Redneck Likes Hockey



Country singer Dierks Bentley

Country singer Dierks Bentley

We don’t trust country music.  We think it was sent here by the devil.  In our opinion, it’s responsible for more poorly spoken english than hip-hop and tourette’s syndrome combined.  So you’ll forgive us if we don’t exactly know who the heck Dierks Bentley is.

But, we do know one thing: He enjoys him some hockey, so we’re pretty sure we like the guy.  He definitely seems like the type of celeb who isn’t just paying hockey lip service, and is genuinely into the game, according to Brad Holland of

For Dierks Bentley, the answer was simple. You get some sticks, maybe a ball of tape or a tennis ball, and you play hockey.

What else would you do?

“We were playing the Qwest Center back in Omaha,” he said, “and it has this huge back stage with this really smooth cement. So we went and bought about a dozen sticks — cheap sticks, for about $20 apiece — and played hockey.”

For this good ol’ country boy, it was just another opportunity to squeeze his ever-burgeoning love of hockey into a life that moves as fast-paced as any. While he may have had anything but a “typical” hockey upbringing, he’s been hooked on the game since the Predators moved in to share his hometown.

He is now on a national tour and working on his music, but he’s found a number of tricks to help him stay up-to-date with his Predators and the rest of the NHL.

“For me, the big thing, (NHL Network’s) On the Fly has been a huge help as far as getting caught up on the action,” said Bentley. “That’s TiVo’d on the bus. That’s what I watch every day.” 

Man, even we don’t get to watch “On the Fly”.  But there’s something else we dig about this Bentley fella: His cleverly named hockey team:

Pre-concert, pick-up ball hockey games and following the NHL through the magic of satellite TV and TiVo is only the beginning of Bentley’s hockey story. He also competes in a men’s league in Nashville, on a team called the Iceholes.

“When I moved to Nashville, and when the Predators came to town, a friend of mine was working in the front office and it happened that I started to really get into hockey,” he said. “And it turns out that a buddy of mine, a guy I was playing bluegrass with at the time, was from Toronto and he was a big hockey fan and he had a bunch of extra gear. He told me one day, ‘Man, there’s a men’s league just down the road, you should really sign up. I’ll give you some gear.’ So he did, and I did, and immediately I just got eaten up with the sport.” 

Alright buddy, we like your style.  Just for the record: Puck the Media likes Dierks Bentley.

4 Responses to Some Redneck Likes Hockey

  1. janet m says:

    Since you seem to like his attitude about hockey you may even really llike his music. Especially since he tends never to butcher the language, but uses it well with a few well placed exceptions. Feel That Fire is spawning a lot of blazing clichés this week, and all of them are right! This is one hot CD that is going to go places – read that up! Dierks has said he wanted to stay in the moment, as well as have fun. He’s done it with style and grace. Style with the Warren Brothers in the title cut, grace with the incomparable Patti Griffin in Beautiful World, Better Believer, co-written with Rivers Rutherford, and Pray, written with Rodney Crowell. For fun you can’t beat Sideways and Here She Comes. My favorite today is I Wanna Close Your Eyes, but tomorrow it may change to that motorcycle revving Life on the Run with Mike McCready (Pearl Jam). You may remember McCready’s previous contribution with Bentley on Distant Shore on his first CD. Feel that Fire? You bet.

  2. taylor says:

    yall are losers. if you just listened to country music it’s not as bad as you think. and it sure ain’t as bad as rap or rock or hip-hop

  3. Emily says:

    country is real good fun livin music. its music that tells the story of the many americans out there. i live in the country, always have. small little town where everybody knows everybody. so dont dis the country music. because yall are disin the coutry way of life too and that aint right. by the way dierks bentley happens to be one of my fav artists. give country a chance. you wont regret it.

  4. The whole day I was in labor with my son and the two first days he was alive Dierks Bentley’s song, “A Long Trip Alone” played in my head the whole time. If you haven’t heard the song…it’s one of the sweetest songs on earth and I doubt seriously the devil had anything to do with any of that. The meaning of the song has a new meaning to me but here’s his video. I encourage you to listen to the lyrics. 🙂

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