Will NBC Take a Shot on Sharks/Devils?

The NHL On NBC will present to you the Red Wings-Penguins game this Sunday at 12:30 PM, but there is more pressing news for the network early in the week.  By tomorrow, they must inform six teams involved in three games whether or not they will be flexed on to the Peacock’s schedule.  Your choices are

  • Colorado vs. Detroit
  • NY Rangers vs. Philadelphia
  • San Jose vs. New Jersey

Now, the most obvious choice out of the three is Rangers-Philly, and why not?  Both teams are very talented and likely playoff bound.  Plus, it’s a big rivalry game between to huge markets filled with passionate fans.

Colorado and Detroit would be an awesome pick if this were 2001 or even 2004, but times have changed.  The Avs are fluctuating in playoff bubble limbo and the Red Wings are so clearly in cruise control at this point that their fanbase probably can’t muster up much excitement for a Sunday afternoon battle with the Avalanche.

The one choice that interests me, and maybe it’s only because I am a Devil fan, is the Sharks-Devils game.  The fact that NBC even listed it as a possibility is beyond crazy.  But the fact remains, even with the rivalries involved, San Jose-Jersey is the best game of the three, as it features the cruisin’ first-place in the West Sharks vs. the red hot, now exciting to watch Devils.  A subplot with Claude Lemieux returning to North Jersey for the first time in years is cool to follow too.

Now, you don’t have to be Nielsen himself to know that Sharks-Devils would likely do terribly in the ratings.  It’s a team that can’t draw a 1.0 locally versus a team that can, but almost certainly won’t for a game at 9:30 AM local time.

Still, if NBC’s flex scheduling policy is truly to get the best games on the air, they’ll take a shot on this one.  We’ll know by tomorrow.  What would you all do?


5 Responses to Will NBC Take a Shot on Sharks/Devils?

  1. PuckMoney says:

    Sharks-Devils would obviously be a better game; with the Sharks being top dog out west and the Devils being red-hot (pun intended).

    But like you said, with the time difference, and the above-average rivalry between the Rags and Flyers, NBC will most likely (I’d say 85%) go with them.

    Plus, the atmosphere in Philly is great, and they will easily pack the building.

    All the best from a Rangers fan.

  2. John says:

    just show the rags/flyers game, then air sharks devils on NHL network. NBC painted themselves in a corner with this 12:30 garbage

  3. chriswassel says:

    Sadly I do not have the NHL Network still….so I would have to stream Devils-Sharks. I am thinking NBC will go with Rangers-Flyers honestly.

  4. jkrdevil says:

    It should be noted there are 2 other dates where NBC can take Rangers-Flyers. They are probably going to have to use that game in one of those other slots because Pittsburgh will so hit the max. This will be the Pens 2nd NBC game already with them vs the Caps on the 22nd being a sure thing. It will depend on when they will want pittsburgh, against Boston or against Philly. If it’s against Boston then 3-15 will be Pitt-Boston and 3-22 will be Bos-NJ (as pitt would be maxed out then). If they want Pens-Flyers then 3-15 will be Rangers-Flyers with 3-22 being Pens Flyers. The latter case may open the door for San Jose-New Jersey this week. I don’t know if NBC going to want to air the same matchup twice. They are probably going to have to do it once with Chi-Det the final week (rematch of the Winter Classic) and thus I’m unsure if they will double dip with Rangers-Flyers. Plus the Sharks are tops in the NHL and they might want to get them on once.

    I think there is a good chance though one of the Devils choices will be picked up by NBC. Either against the Sharks or against the Bruins. Marty might be back for the latter so that might be a consideration.

  5. jkrdevil says:

    I should add I think NBC is going to want a lot of Boston this year so I can see NBC taking Bos-Pitt on 3-15, then Bos-NJ on 3-22.

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