Puck the Media Takes You Inside the NHL’s “Super Suite”

If you watched any of NBC’s Super Bowl pre-game coverage, you may have noticed that they used an extremely annoying segment called “Super Suite”, in which NBC’s formerly portly weatherman Al Roker interview a seemingly random collection of celebrities, some of whome were not as up on their football acumen.  

What you may not know is that NBC secretly experimented with this concept in Detroit during last year’s Stanley Cup Finals.  We at Puck the Media have obtained the transcripts from that ordeal, and would like to share it with you, the reader.  Enjoy.

Al Roker: Hello everyone, I’m Al Roker here at the NHL Championships on NBC, and we have tons of great celebs stopping by our “Super Suite”.  Our first guest this evening is “Last Call” host Carson Daly.

Carson Daly: What up?

Al Roker: Such a pleasure to have one of NBC’s three biggest late night stars here at the Championships of hockey.  

Carson Daly: My pleasure, bro.

Al Roker: So anyway, what brings you to Detroit for the finals?

Carson Daly: Well you know, my dude Kid Rock is here, and he’s a crazy Red Wings fan, you know?  You should really interview him…

Al Roker: Mr. Rock denied our requests for an interview.

Carson Daly: Oh, well… anyway, check out my show, “Last Call with Carson Daly”… that’s me… every night after Conan.

Al Roker: Thanks for joining us Carson.  Our next guest here in the “Super Suite”, ha, that’s air-quoted, “Super” “Suite”.  Anyway, our next Super guest is Leslie David Baker, who plays Stanley on NBC’s hit comedy, The Office!

  Hello, Leslie, for the purposes of helping out the viewer, I’m just gonna’ go ahead and call ya’ Stanley, alright there?

Leslie David Baker: Uhm, alright.

Al Roker: Now, Stanley Manly, what’s it like being on “The Office”, heh, more air quotes, with all those crazy character?

Leslie David Baker: It’s, uh, fine.  Don’t you wanna hear my thoughts on the game, Al?

Al Roker: Sure, but let’s talk about Stanley.  When is he gonna hook up with someone on that show?

Leslie David Baker: My character is married… do you watch the show?

Al Roker: Everyone does, Stanley!  That’s why it’s a hit show!  We couldn’t in good faith call it a hit if everyone in America wasn’t enjoying it!  Thanks for joining us, ladies and gentlemen… Stanley!

Leslie David Baker: I just wanna’ go home and soak my feet in some water.

Al Roker: Our final guest today is a “Super” legend himself, former NFL player and NBC Sports announcer Cris Collinsworth!  Hey buddy!

Cris Collinsworth: Hey Al!  It sure is great to be here with you at the Stanley Cup Finals!

Al Roker: The what?  You must be a little off, it’s called the Super Cup Finals!  That’s why it’s the “Super Suite”!

Cris Collinsworth: No, no, it’s the Stanley Cup.  You’re thinking of the Super Bowl, that’s football.

Al Roker: Why would they name a trophy after that guy from “The Office”?

Cris Collinsworth: Dude, even I know that it’s named after some guy named Lord Stanley, who brought the thing to North America.  Man, Al, you gotta’ study a little before you do these things.  Little homework, big boy.  I mean…

Al Roker: Cris Collinsworth everyone!  Anyway, it’s time to send you up to Mikedoc Emrick and Eddie Olczyk.  Take it away, Mikedoc!

As you can see, the experiment worked slightly better for football.  Though not by much.

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