Oh Jack Edwards, How We Missed You:

There.  Are.  No.  Words. 

On a serious note, someone needs to tell Edwards that there’s a fine line between being professional and having some fun with the game (see Mike Emrick, Mike Lange, Sam Rosen, Howie Rose or any announcer worth half his salt) and just being a pathetic homer who sounds like he wants to gang up on this poor kid with Thornton in an alley.

I get why some people love Edwards, but there are plenty of good reasons to hate, and most of them are on display right here.

Seriously, prison stripes?  Though it does help our joke that the Habs jereseys made them look like gay prisoners.

Anyway, non-Hardenbergh folks, should something be done about this?  Like a reprimand from NESN, or something?  I’m just not sure what to make of this all.

3 Responses to Oh Jack Edwards, How We Missed You:

  1. “Anyway, non-Hardenbergh folks,”


    But seriously, if people tune into the game because they saw that clip, then Jack Edwards won’t get reprimanded at all. When they say to themselves, “there’s no way a hack homer like that works every bruins game, NESN is better than that” and tune out, then there’s a problem.

    Brickley will give him crap for it, though. Sometimes while you’re listening, you can hear the “I cannot believe he just said that, I’m asking for a raise tomorrow” in Andy Brickley’s voice.

  2. kevin says:

    As a Bruins fans I have to say Edwards is a joke. He’s a very good play by play guy but he refuses to shut up for 5 seconds. He insists on givings his 2 cents on everything when nobody cares what some geeky annoucer who never played thinks

  3. John says:

    Why should he be punished? From what I can tell, the game was on nesn and boston is in new england. whats wrong with showing some favor on a local tv network. its not like he did this on vs. The complaints about homers are annoying, maybe because Im from pittsburgh and the announcers for the steelers, pens, and pirates are extreme homers, but its the local network. whats wrong with hearing something favoring your team?

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