Tonight’s Options….

Only five games tonight…so yes it is a bit of a light night. But here we go anyway.

Pittsburgh @ New Jersey
Time: 7pm

Ottawa @ Columbus
Time: 7pm

Philly @ Tampa Bay
Time: 7:30pm

Nashville @ Calgary
Time: 9pm

Minnesota @ Edmonton
Time: 9pm

Now not everyone has the nice option of being able to flip on Center Ice.  For those of us that do not…go check out,, or even Hockey Webcasts.  So in the case you are not in the area or you just cannot get the game for whatever reason….hopefully that helps.  Now I am going to try and tell you who is going to win too.  Do not look if you are squeamish.

New Jersey, Columbus, Philly, Calgary, Edmonton

Good luck tonight and happy watching!  Remember to not forget the food and especially the beer.  Always have the beer handy!!!

About Chris Wassel
Just a simple sportswriter who likes to expand his horizons. It could be anything from hockey to football to Australian Rules Football. Let's put some dollars on it!

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