In Which We Welcome a New Saturday Editor

Anyone who knows who that is and reads a certain hockey blog and knows who that hockey player is above these words can guess what’s coming up here.

We’d like to welcome Wrap Around Curl to the Puck the Media Unisphere.  She will be editing things on Saturdays from now on.  She has free reign on those days.

You may be asking us: Why are you doing this on Thursday, can’t this wait till Friday?  Well, we’re traveling tomorrow most of the day and then again on Saturday, so we’ll miss out on Friday.  Our good friend Chris Wassel of The Program will guest edit on Friday.  Please enjoy him and Curl this weekend, till we’re back on Sunday.

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3 Responses to In Which We Welcome a New Saturday Editor

  1. I could write a crafty response or something. Instead I’d rather go, “WOOOOOOOOO!”

  2. Ken says:

    Welcome to both. I look forward to linking to the blog on weekends now.😀

  3. Chris Wassel says:

    They just let any Devils fan on here ya know. Just kidding. I will take the Wooo approach.

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