VERSUS Pres. Jamie Davis Continues Assertiveness, Claims “No desire” to Share with ESPN


VERSUS President Jamie Davis

VERSUS President Jamie Davis

As Neil Best points out in his Watchdog blog, before Jamie Davis got to VERSUS, prior chieftons at the network seemed to be pretty open to ESPN getting back into hockey.  You always heard quotables like “We’re open to hearing from them” or “We’ll wait for them to contact us first”.  You didn’t really believe that TV executives talked like that, but it was nice to hear the idea that VERSUS was open to it.

Well, in our second post about the new VERSUS regime – headed by new President Jamie Davis – it is clear that this new gang in town has completely changed the way VERSUS is thinking:

Before Davis’ arrival, Versus usually left the door open a crack to the notion of at least talking to ESPN about subcontracting its exclusive cable rights, but Davis said: “No desire to do so.”

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What’s Coming Up Today

Good morning, hope your Saturday’s started on a good note.  We’ll be a tad off rotation today.  Expect actual posts at 9:30, 11, 12:30, and 2.  But popping in throughout the day will be awesome videos of great moments in All-Star TV history.  It’ll all be capped off with our Superskills Liveblog at 7PM.  Won’t you join us?

French Website: Phoenix, Carolina Next in NHL All-Star Game Line


Phoenix was originally supposed to get the All-Star Game in 2006

Phoenix was originally supposed to get the All-Star Game in 2006



Good morning folks, we open the day with some breaking news from RDS on the future of the All-Star Game (Translated Poorly):

According to the news obtained by RDS, the next game of the stars, in 2011, will take place at Phoenix. The next year, the annual game will not have place because of the Olympic Games to Vancouver. Afterward, the Hurricanes of the Caroline should be the next organizers of this encounter.

There you go.  Congrats to Phoenix, and the Hurricanes of the Caroline for getting the NHL’s mid-season showdown in 2011 and 2012.  Columbus, Ottawa, Washington, New Jersey and Pittsburgh should all be in line sometime after that.  But these are two solid choices to help the NHL grow the game in some non-traditional hockey markets.