The Reaction to Houston’s Monday Column

There were two solid reaction pieces (better written than either one of the pieces we wrote) to William Houston’s Monday NHL TV ratings column.  The first came from the ever-excellent Stu Hackel of the New York Times:

So it’s difficult to accurately assess how the N.H.L. is doing at the gate in some cities, and for all we are forced to rely on the reported attendance figures, but there is no denying that where the game is strong, there continues to be growth and demand. Market strength usually, but not always, correlates to a team winning and being traditionally entrenched in a city.

Great point made, more about the attendance portion of the original SBJ story.  But Dan Steinberg came up beastly and calculated the households watching the 22 NHL teams that SBJ reported the ratings of.  Only Ottawa has an average viewership lower than an American team among the six Canadian teams.  Read the whole piece here and the list is after the jump.

1. N.Y. Rangers, 76,568
2. Detroit, 71,297
3. Pittsburgh, 71,006
4. Philadelphia, 65,494
5. Buffalo, 55,980
6. Boston, 52,036 
7. Minnesota, 38,417
8. Chicago, 37,373
9. San Jose 30,955
10. New Jersey 28,248
11. Washington 27,859
12. Denver 25,149
13. Los Angeles 21,486
14. St. Louis 16,497
15. Anaheim 16,397
16. Columbus 13,239
17. Dallas 12,947
18. N.Y. Islanders 12,637
19. Phoenix 9,279
20. Tampa Bay 8,928
21. Atlanta 5,450
22. Florida 2,320

Everything past the Top 13 is a little bit “yikes” on that list.  But remember that these are household measurements, and not actual viewers.  Figure at least 2-3 people in each household are watching the game on average.  Multiplying it by 3 sends at least 8 teams above the 100,000 viewer mark.  It still doesn’t correct the horrendous ratings of many teams, but it’s just another perspective from which to look at things.

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