Blues Plan to Experiment with John Davidson and Al MacInnis-only Telecasts… Just Not vs. Chicago


Blues President John Davidson

Blues President John Davidson

Hockey telecasts have taken to experiments lately, not all of them successful.  There was the Predators doing a “Hockey Rules” telecast, the infamously scrapped Ducks/Kings “Rinkside Views”.  The Blues wanted to give something somewhat similar to the rinkside view, being that there would be no announcers, for their game against the Chicago Blackhawks Saturday.  

In a rant about how the Blues are using some telecasts to prop up particularly sponsors a little too much, St. Louis Post-Dispatch reporter Dan Caesar talks about the experiment that the Blues were also looking to try instead of announcers for the game:

Consideration also was given to dumping announcers John Kelly and Bernie Federko on Saturday, instead putting microphones on executives John Davidson and Al MacInnis to hear them interact during the game. 

While we’re all for getting JD back on TV, we agree with the Blues in scrapping this idea for a game against a big rival, considering the Blues have so few “Must-watch” games in the state they’re in as it is.  Caesar ultimately comes up with the best point of advice you could give the Blues at this stage:

Instead of filling telecasts with gimmicks and extended commercials, put a competitive team on the ice to make the games more compelling to watch.


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