With the Perfect Storm of ToA Finals and ASA Top 50, Your Hockey-only List of Top 50 All-Time Hockey Broadcasters

Tonight’s the Championship Match of Puck the Media’s NHL Tournament of Announcers.  We were looking for a way to hype it some more, and then, the American Sportscaster Association released it’s Top 50 Sportscasters of all-time.

Unless you count Marv Albert or Al Michales, there’s only ONE true hockey voice in there, the legendary Foster Hewitt, and he’s at #40.  Shameful.  Here’s the entire list (via Tom Hoffarth of Inside SoCal) and we’ll give you some notable people that were considered more worthy of Danny Gallivan or Dan Kelly or Mike Emrick or Jim Hughsson, or in a couple of cases, higher than Mr. Hewitt himself!:

31. Joe Buck
35. Chris Berman
36. Phil Rizzuto
39. Bill Walton
44. Brent Musberger
47. Dick Vitale
48. Dick Stockton 

Phil Rizzuto!  Better than the man who invented “He shoots, he scores!”?  Chris Berman and Dick Vitale, better than Dan Kelly’s immortal call of Bobby Orr’s flying goal?  Even just Dick Stockton ahead of Doc Emrick or one of today’s great hockey voices.  It’s ridiculous and a bit shady, considering #1 Vin Scully did not even know the poll was being held.

So, with all due respect to the voices of other sports, we present our NHL poll of the Top 50 hockey broadcasters of all-time.

50. Al Michaels
49. Marv Albert 
48. John Forslund 
47. Tom Mees 
46. Barry Melrose 
45. Darren Pang 
44. Howie Rose 
43. Joe Beninati 
42. Ralph Strangis 
41. Kenny Albert 
40. Tim Ryan 
39. Lloyd Petit  
38. Joe Bowen 
37. Craig Simpson
36. Yvon Pednault 
35. Chuck Kaiton 
34. Peter Maher
33. Pierre Houde 
32. Brian MacFarlane 
31. Mike Lange 
30. Lloyd Petit 
29. Jim Gordon 
28. Don Cherry 
27. Gary Thorne 
26. Pierre McGuire 
25. Ted Darling
24. Mickey Redmond 
23. Bill Chadwick 
22. Harry Neale 
21. Budd Lynch 
20. Pat Foley 
19. Rick Jeanneret 
18. Fred Cusick
17. Gene Hart 
16. Chris Cuthbert 
15. Sam Rosen 
14. Dave Strader 
13. Jim Robson  
12. Jiggs McDonald 
11. Jim Hughsson 
10. Don Wittman  
9. Bob Miller  
8. Ron MacLean 
7. Dick Irvin, Jr. 
6. John Davidson 
5. Bob Cole  
4. Mike Emrick 
3. Danny Gallivan 
2. Dan Kelly 
1. Foster Hewitt 

3 Responses to With the Perfect Storm of ToA Finals and ASA Top 50, Your Hockey-only List of Top 50 All-Time Hockey Broadcasters

  1. Eric says:

    Interesting poll. Who voted in it?

    A few strange choices… for example — should Don Wittman be in the top 10? (You probably should spell #11, Jim Hughson, correctly.)

    I would expect most of the Top 20 would be either active or winners of the Foster Hewitt Award (HOF). All of the other non-winners (except Davidson, who’s obviously now a GM) are active.

    By my count, you left out 13 Foster Hewitt winners … and somehow included the late Tom Mees.

    Lloyd Petit is a Foster Hewitt winner — he’s also on the list twice (#30/#39).

  2. Mick Delmage says:

    As great as he was Llyod Petite is on the list twice and how about the “little” Shaver named Al, the longtime voice of the Minnesota North Stars!

  3. Leafsfan1967 says:

    One name that is missing from this list is Foster Hewitt’s son Bill who was the Leafs voice on TV after Foster retired from TV and went back to radio. He should be at number 4 for my money…

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