Please NHL, Don’t Copy the NBA (and Everyone Else) and Play in New Cowboys Stadium


New Cowboys Stadium Opens Next Fall

New Cowboys Stadium Opens Next Fall

We all know that NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman is David Stern’s son.  We have DNA testing and the geographic division names to prove it.  You see, I’ve been noticing that Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys owner, has been attempting to bring anything and everything to his teams’ new stadium, including the Cotton Bowl beginning in 2010, top-level regular-season college football for the next five years, college lacrosse and much more.

But the one event that really caught our eye was the announcement that the NBA is going to play it’s 2010 All-Star Game in front of 100,000 there.  Via


Citing sources,’s Marc Stein reported Tuesday that the Mavericks with the NFL’s Cowboys would host the 2010 All-Star Game.

And if all goes according to plan, this event will set the record for the largest crowd ever to watch an NBA game, shattering the mark of 44,735 set at the 1989 All-Star Game, not-so-coincidentally held at another Texas-sized venue, the Houston Astrodome.

“It’s totally outrageous,” NBA commissioner David Stern said.

Just wait until he hears Mavs owner Mark Cuban’s idea about putting the record out of reach.

“If we can get people to sit on each other’s laps, it could be 200,000,” Cuban said, laughing.


So, you probably know where we’re going here.  With all of this stuff happening, should the NHL take it’s Winter Classic (or some other event) to a 100,000-seat venue in Arlington, Texas?  Of course not!  For one big reason, and it’s not Texas’ geography or weather conditions on January 1st in Dallas.  But that is a factor, though I don’t know how much they can control it with the dome.

The main reason this is a bad idea is because the Winter Classic is the NHL’s original idea.  Hell, the NBA and WNBA have ripped hockey off by attempting to play outdoors (and the AFL thought about it before going lockout this year).  So why in the world would the NHL want to take it’s signature, original event and make it a retread by taking it to a building where other leagues have attempted gimmicks.

That and the fact that we seriously doubt 100,000 people want to see anything other than the Cowboys there, much less an exhibition basketball game.  We know that a southern market has to be somewhere on Gary Bettman’s list of Winter Classic future destinations.  We just really hope that he doesn’t attempt to follow his daddy David Stern to Arlington anytime soon.

2 Responses to Please NHL, Don’t Copy the NBA (and Everyone Else) and Play in New Cowboys Stadium

  1. John says:

    not sure about the part that 100,000 people wouldnt watch an exhibition basketball game, especially considering that the game would feature the best bball players in the world. After all the local Mavs sellout every single game since years so they have a large fan base down there. Plus the all-star game has always been a hot ticket. Tickets have always been soldout months before the all-star game itself and tens of thousands of people unsuccessfully try to get tickets meaning that it wouldn’t impossible to get 100,000 people in there, even if it’s just an exhibition bball game.

    And I don’t get why it would be a bad idea to have an NHL game in the new Cowboys stadium.

  2. jkrdevil says:

    The new Cowboys stadium also host the Cotton Bowl so if the NHL still plans on having the Winter Classic during that time of year it would be out of the question.

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