Kukla’s Korner is Still Easily the Best Conglomerate Blog

Last week, we took a pretty negative stance on the quality of NHL Fanhouse lately.  We stand by it, as we stand by everything we do here at Puck the Media.  We know for a fact that there are many people who agree with our opinion.  We’re sure, conversely, that there are many people who disagree.  But, what I do believe is that, while we were accentuating the negatives, we should have been highlighting another blog, that has sort of taken Fanhouse’s spot as the go-to place for a myriad of hockey opinions and news: I speak of course of that ol’ reliable Kukla’s Korner.

Now, as you know, we used to write at KK.  So is it a conflict of interest?  Absolutely not, because we were banned from posting at KK and pretty steamed about it for a little while.  But were long over it, and are consistently impressed by the Kukla Kompound’s constant stream of great breaking news an opinions.  Whereas KK has twice as many writers as Fanhouse, they tend to be much more original than AOL in their writing.  Kukla sets the tone with the news, and since you already know all of that, they’re able to give you more.

Some of the junk that consistently keeps us clicking: The always must-read Chief over at A2Y.  We think he’s kind of insane.  He and Adrian Dater would be soulmates if Dater would drop the pretense of impartiality and they weren’t on two of the opposite-ist ends of the spectrum you can be on.  Chief is crass, profane, hilarious and usually – gasp! – insightful.  But we know the Chief wouldn’t want to be called insightful, so we’ll just say he represents his home team’s fans and city well.

Of course, you can always count on Alanah from Canucks and Beyond to provide a few quirky stories each week.  Alanah was the first one out of the gate with the “Jonathan Roy has a rap career” story, and in a large blog filled with many writers under the same setup, you always notice her posts, completely with a non-creeper use of smileys.

Mike Chen has caught our attention even more than usual since his move to KK.  His new series of “Puck Rock” pieces have been fun to read as a fellow music fan.  Bethany’s Hockey Rants have made perhaps the most seamless, quality transition to the site, and is one of the more proficient bloggers there.  On the Forecheck is constantly providing me with stats I don’t understand, but always try to, because Forechecker clearly works hard on them and they deserve to be read.

Everyone brings their A-game when it’s for Major General Paul Kukla, and it’s for a reason.  It’s because PK is a guy who will nudge you toward interesting stuff and make your writing better by encouraging you to be better.  Kukla’s Korner is still the only hockey blog worth clicking on more than once every ten minutes, and that’s the truest testament to all the blogging greatness they do.  All 713 of them.


2 Responses to Kukla’s Korner is Still Easily the Best Conglomerate Blog

  1. Nathan says:

    Saw a link to this post on KK and thought, “Hey, that’s the guy that used to write about the hockey media for KK? Where did he go?”

  2. alanah says:

    Thanks for the nice words, Steve. 🙂

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