Alright, So You Probably Want to Know What We Think of the Shanahan Signing

We don’t talk much about on-ice issues here at Puck the Media, but as Devils fans, we certainly felt the need to get our thoughts on the Devils signing of soon-to-be 40-year old winger Brendan Shanahan.  Shanny began his long, long, long, long, long career as a Devil, and while were certain he settled on us after finally realizing the Rangers weren’t sending an offer his way, we won’t hold that against him.  His age?  Sure.  His potential to be useful?  Absoluely, but not the Rag$ thing.

Anyway, before we lay down the law, here’s what the Devils-sphere had to say about the 650-goal scorer returning to where he started.

The fun-loving gang at Interchangeable Parts was immediately bummed.  How bummed? “We’d love to be enjoying the continuing downward spiral of the Pens, who are currently losing 4-2 to the Avs, but we’re too despondent about Shanny. (Okay, we’re still enjoying the Pens game. There’s just a lot less glee there. The stink of Shanny is everywhere.)”.

Josh Burnett of 2ManAdvantage sees this as the prequel to another Lou Lamoriello move: I think I speak for most Devils fans when I say…huh?

That said, where does he fit?  The top two lines are pretty much set in stone for the time being – they’ve both been too good.  The third and fourth are both solid lines, and while some shakeups were expected for tonight, I’m not sure who gets dropped to fit Shanny in.  Mike Rupp?  Jay Pandolfo?  David Clarkson?  Methinks Lou may be working on another move…”

While John Fischer of In Lou We Trust’s immediate, succinct reaction was closer to most Devil fans: “Seriously?”

Having noted all that, we can’t say we hate the move.  Shanahan will likely skate on a third line with John Madden and Brian Rolston, giving the Devils an immediately potent three lines of scoring, with the likes of Pandolfo and Madden and Holik still around to play in a checking and penalty killing role.  Shanny is a great two-way forward, but it certainly shuts down any notion that the Devils are still an “all-defense, bore you to death” team.

That said, he is 40, and was terrible the second half of the season.  But, if Lou is only looking for a half-year and a playoff run out of him, we can’t be that annoyed with it.  We certainly have the veteran leadership and scoring to now be able to make a serious run at winning the Eastern Conference.


2 Responses to Alright, So You Probably Want to Know What We Think of the Shanahan Signing

  1. John Fischer says:

    The worst case scenario is that Shanahan is so rusty he can’t contribute, he’s benched, the formerly scratched gets a spot back, and the Devils have some small part of the cap tied up (I can’t imagine Shanahan getting a lot of money). Not that bad of a risk to take, really.

  2. Richard says:

    One year, $800,000 is the terms of the deal.

    Although bringing in Shanahan may seem like a good move looking at those terms, I still am confused as to why Uncle Louie would consider bringing him in the fold. I feel the Devs were fine enough without him, going on that brilliant run in December and winning without Brodeur.

    All in all, I like to see how he fares in his second tour of duty.

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