VERSUS Screws the Pooch on Monday’s Tampa-LA Game


The Kings have been promoting the Stamkos-Doughty Showdown

The Kings have been promoting the Stamkos-Doughty Showdown

One of the things we complain about here at Puck the Media is what we see, or at least perceive as, the “Hockey Laziness” that VERSUS can sometimes show.  Their weird occasional nights off on Monday and Tuesdays, ignoring the WJC’s and minor league/NCAA hockey, and the nightly highlight show we spoke with Bucci about earlier today.

Well, this is a different complaint today.  We usually don’t rag VERSUS for not picking up west coast games on nights when they’d be obvious for doubleheader stuff.  We understand that it costs a lot to broadcast games way out west, and were pretty sure VERSUS doesn’t have a bureau out there, though they can correct us if this isn’t true.  Also, the games don’t draw the greatest of ratings and the Kings were supposed to suck this year.

But here we are with a historic night in the NHL, as the Kings so nicely promoted it.  You have the #1 pick in the 2008 draft, Steven (Seen Him) Stamkos, and the #2 pick in the 2008 draft, Drew (No Nickname Yet) Doughty, meeting for the first time.  A game like this in the NBA and NFL would be promoted to no end, and given the national spotlight.

VERSUS even has the perfect lead-in with a Red Wings game on Monday night.  Anyone willing to watch Wings-Stars on VERSUS has to have a curiosity to tune into one period of Lightning-Kings, despite the fact that the Lightning are terrible.  But again, VERSUS shows off it’s hockey laziness, as they are not airing a doubleheader between October 3rd and March 30th.  It’s a shame, because being able to watch late-night hockey without going through, ahem, non-traditional channels is always awesome.


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