NBC Can’t Use McGuire, Ferraro, Pang at 2010 Olympics

NBC had a pretty impressive broadcast team for hockey during the 2006 Torino Olympic Games.  Mike Emrick, John Davidson, Dave Strader,  Ray Ferraro, Pierre McGuire, Joe Micheletti, Bill Clement, Cammi Granato.  All of them provided terrific play-by-play and analysis for the sport, and were often quoted in NBC’s daily press releases of the best quotes from all their analysts.

Well, today TSN confirmed what had long been known for their teams for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics: Pierre McGuire and Ray Ferraro will be exclusive property of CTV/TSN, meaning neither of them can work for NBC.  Darren Pang, who has worked for NBC as well in the past, has also been signed by CTV/TSN.

It’ll be interesting to see how NBC works from here.  Emrick, Clement and Strader are all locks to return for Vancouver, and Eddie Olczyk seems a given, but there are still quite a few spots open.  Who do you all think should fill them?  After the jump is CTV/TSN/Sportsnet’s complete hocky coverage team for 2010.  Also included are their women’s hockey announcers and RDS’ staff.

Chris Cuthbert
Gord Miller
Peter Loubardias

Pierre McGuire
John Garrett
Ray Ferraro

Studio Hosts
James Duthie
Daren Millard
Dave Hodge

Studio Analysts
Nick Kypreos
Bob McKenzie
Darren Pang

Gene Principe
Darren Dreger
Ryan Rishaug

Women’s Hockey
Kevin Quinn, Play-by-Play
Cassie Campbell, Color
Lisa Bowes, Reporter


Pierr Houde
Stephane Leroux

Benoit Brunet
Norman Flynn

Studio Host
Alain Crete

Studio Analysts
Jacques Demers
Michel Bergeron

Luc Gelinas
Renaud Lavoie

Women’s Hockey
Felix Seguin, Play-by-Play
Daniele Sauvageau, Color 

8 Responses to NBC Can’t Use McGuire, Ferraro, Pang at 2010 Olympics

  1. jkrdevil says:

    NBC should look to getting some of the HNIC guys to do some work. The first person is obviously Jim Hughson who is a BC native to round out the play-by-play. Then they should add Kelly Hrudey for the studio show to work with Milbury. They do a great job together on CBC. Either of them can also step into a color role if needed. They also might bring back Joe Micheletti who worked in Torino and NBC in the regional days to fill out the color spots if needed. Next they need a studio host and that would probably fall to either Jim Lampley, Al Micheals, or Dan Patrick. Probably Lampley has traditionally worked the hockey studio for previous olympics.

    Ideally it would be this.


    Color Commenters:

    Studio Host:

    For the Women I would use Hughson as the mian play-by-play because he has the lightest NHL schedule and he is local and obviously Granato as the main color commenter.

  2. dyhrdmet says:

    i like the idea of Jim Hughson. I’d put Bill Clement with Doc. If you can’t use Lampley, I’d go with Bill Patrick because he does cover the NHL on Versus and other work for NBC. Is Don Cherry available?

    Another question – is the NHL taking a break for the Olympics next season?

  3. stevelepore says:

    I wonder if they could get John Davidson for the Olympics, since one would assume he’d be there scouting regardless. Since the clubs are neutral, I imagine he’d be available.

    I like the idea of Hughson.

    Hughson/Kenny Albert-Brian Hayward

    Reporters would likely be Al Trautwig and Joe Micheletti

    Studio would probably be Bill Clement and Mike Milbury.

  4. dyhrdmet says:

    I think NBC would use Al Trautwig in a bigger role (I’m trying to remember what he did in Torino 2006). Any idea if NBC would have a “Hockey” channel like they had a “Soccer” and “Basketball” channel?

  5. stevelepore says:

    I would assume they just use CNBC or MSNBC, as the Winter Olympics don’t have as many events to fill up the networks, and the hockey schedule doesn’t have much overlapping.

  6. eHabs says:

    Benoit Brunet for the Olympics.

    Common I hope it’s not serious.

  7. jkrdevil says:

    In 2006 NBC aired every Men’s hockey game on MSNBC, CNBC, and USA. So I would guess no “hockey” channel as it won’t be needed.

  8. Colton says:

    TSN/CTV has quite an all-star cast of hockey broadcasting.

    I highly doubt Hughson would work for NBC.

    I was looking at the Men’s hockey schedule for the Olympics and all the games are at GM Place except for one game that is at another location. So they can put the teams together on the fly if they wish. Things will be alot easier than in the past when there were multiple venues with lots of games.

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