TSN Had A Lot of Canadians Watch the World Junior Finals

We’re pretty sure this is a picture of last year’s Canadian World Junior Championship team – I can see Stamkos anywhere – but it’s a good backdrop to make our point against.  Via TSN.ca:

Team Canada’s gold medal victory at the World Junior Hockey Championship last night has made ratings history for TSN as the most-watched broadcast of all time on the network.

Preliminary data revealed 3.7 million viewers watched Canada take its fifth consecutive gold medal in a 5-1 victory over Sweden. The audience surpassed TSN’s previous audience high of 3.5 million viewers for the gold medal game at the 2003 World Junior Championship in Halifax.

The gold medal game on TSN is the most-watched program ever on a Canadian specialty channel and is also the most-watched program overall across all Canadian television this broadcast season.  Audience levels for the game peaked at 4.7 million viewers at 9:58pm et, as Team Canada celebrated its victory in Ottawa.

With 602,000 viewers, RDS also had a record audience for the gold medal game. TSN and RDS’s total combined viewership for the game was a record 4.3 million. The game was watched in whole or in part by 9.3 million Canadians, or nearly 30% of the country’s population.

Yowser.  If you’re looking for an American equivalent event, think the AFC or NFC Championship ratings from football.

This comes after William Houston reported  that the Canadian semi-final game drew more viewers than the beloved Hockey Night in Canada:

TSN drew 1.855 million viewers for the Canada-Russia thriller on Saturday night, more than doubling Hockey Night In Canada‘s 857,000 for the Ottawa Senators-Toronto Maple Leafs game. The world junior hockey championship semi-final game peeled off about 400,000 viewers from the Hockey Night telecast. As a rule, a prime-time Leafs game onHockey Night will average about 1.28 million viewers.



The TSN telecast peaked at 2.668 million from 10 to 10:20 p.m. ET during overtime and the shootout. For its five telecasts of Canadian games, TSN is averaging 1.324 million viewers. The Saturday audience ranks as TSN’s ninth largest.

Make that 10th largest.  Oh, Canada.

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