Speaking of Versus… Uh, Again: VERSUS #3 Among Cable Sports Nets in 2008… We’re Number 3!



The New VERSUS Dynasty Coming Soon?  Not so much...

The New VERSUS Dynasty Coming Soon? Not so much...

Sports by Brooks (via Sports Business Daily) did a ginormous post about VERSUS looking towards taking on ESPN in the near future today.  We had to check about four times to make sure the post wasn’t from 2005, when MLB, NFL and NBA TV rights were all up for grabs, but failed to be snagged by the wealthy folks at Comcast.

The post is based on SBD numbers saying how VERSUS improved it’s primetime ratings in year-to-year comparisons by 23%.  Here are the total rankings.

1. ESPN – 2.122 Million viewers (Up 8.7%) 
2. ESPN2 – 641,000 viewers (Down 2.4%)
3. VERSUS – 278,000 viewers (Up 23.6%) 
4. Speed Channel – 273,000 viewers (Up 13.8%) 
5. NFL Network – 175,000 viewers (Down 10.7%) 
6. Golf Channel –
131,000 viewers (Down 4.4%) 
7. ESPNews – 86,000 viewers (Down 3.4%) 
8. ESPN Classic – 74,000 viewers (Down 30.8%) 

Ouchies for ESPN Classic, first of all.  Never forget “Cheap Seats”.  Anyway, the article goes on to point out how terrible VERSUS website is (We’re not alone, Dater!) and that Comcast really needs to start dipping into the money piles if they really want to see improvement and growth and challenging ESPN and whatever.  It’s a great read, but in Mike Lange terms, we’ve seen this fish before.

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