Puck the Media’s NHL Tournament of Announcers, Round 2, Match 6, Dan Kelly Bracket: Randy Hahn vs. Sam Rosen







Well done, Bruins-sphere, Jack Edwards lives to fight another day, defeating Bob Cole in his 2nd round match-up.  Who will he face-off with?  It’s either San Jose/NHL2K9 guy Randy Hahn or Rangers/NHL Radio play-by-player Sam Rosen.  24 hours to vote, start now.

Wanna Play a Game, Part 2?

Just an update, if you’d like to play us without the whole “team” thing going on, our username on NHL09 for PS3 Online is: PTMSteveL

Find us, and we shall go to war!

This is a Weird One For a Devils Fan

This is going to be a weird evening for Devils fans everywhere.  See, they take on the St. Louis Blues tonight on VERSUS, the national cable home for two hockey games a week.  It will be only the 6th time, regular season OR playoffs, since the lockout, and perhaps one of only a dozen or so times in more than a decade of service, that neither Mike “Doc” Emrick nor Glenn “Chico” Resch will be behind the mic for a Devils game, regional or national.

See, usually the Devils are on MSG Plus, where at least Chico holds down the fort when Doc is sick or on assignment.  In turn, when the Devils are on VERSUS or NBC, Doc typically calls the game.  But tonight, that won’t be the case, as Emrick is likely headed for Chicago for Winter Classic prep and Resch is not employed by VERSUS.

The results of the past non-Doc and Chico Devils games… not so great, to the tune of 0-4-1.  Enjoy tonight’s game, with John Forslund, Darren Eliot and Bob Harwood calling it on VERSUS, and enjoy your day off, Doc and Chico.

For complete results of non-Emrick and Resch Devil games, check after the jump.

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Puck the Media’s Top Ten Hockey Stories of the Year, #5: A Classic in Buffalo

There isn’t a word of magic prose I can use to tell you how great the Winter Classic in Buffalo on January 1, 2008 was that is better than this picture here.  So I’ll just leave you with that, and you can watch highlights of it, in case you haven’t watched them 20 times like I have, after the jump.

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Puck the Media’s Top Ten Hockey Stories of the Year, #6: Re-Birth in Boston and Chicago

I have to be the 400,000th person to comment on the Blackhawks revival.  This is out of about 800,000 Chicago NHL tributes, because I’ve praised the Hawks before.  Anyway, there’s not much more that can be said about the team that hasn’t been said by the mainstream media, bloggers, or some ESPN guy yesterday, who used the Hawks as a hope bearer for other franchises in a state of arrested development:

The Hawks have played through their hockey dark ages and now find themselves on center stage — or center field — come New Year’s Day. They’ll get national and international attention. They’ll get the great Red Wings. They’ll get Wrigley, the world’s largest beer garden.


Most of all, they’ll get momentum. 

“I probably have more people approach me about the Blackhawks in the last year than any year at all with the Cubs,” said McDonough. “I think it’s a rebirth of a franchise that people never thought was going to come back.” 


Hear that sound, Lions? It’s called hope.

Now let’s not get carried away.  The Hawks NEVER lost 16 in a row during their dark ages.

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Puck the Media’s NHL Tournament of Announcers, Round 2, Match 5, Dan Kelly Bracket: Jack Edwards vs. Bob Cole





First things’ first, Howie Rose defeats Rick Jeanneret to move on to face-off with Dave Strader in the elite eight.  Next up, we have another Cinderella bid, this one coming from Bruins announcer and #8 seed Jack Edwards.  He takes on legend and CBC mainstay Bob Cole.  Voting lasts 24 hours, get to gettin’!

Do You Wanna Play a Game?

We’ve finally figured out this fancy “online” craziness with NHL09 (more on the game later in the week) and we’re kind of lonely.  So we decided to create a club, and hope you’ll join us.

TEAM NAME: Sloppy Sevenths 

We’re not quite sure how to get people involved, but I assume if you send us a message on PS3, we’ll be able to work it out.  Or E-Mail us if you can.

With the NHL on NBC Beginning on Thursday, Let’s Re-Visit Some Predictions

In between gigs, we wrote a few NHL TV pieces at a great little site now known as The Program.  Chris Wassel, the gentleman who runs the show over there, is a great guy who was willing to let us sully his good name by posting over there.  He and his gang of dunderheads do a great job, so please check them out.

Anyway, we happened to be writing at The Program when The NHL On NBC schedule leaked to us, via the NHL’s website.  Not that NBC had the time to promote it’s NHL schedule, but who cares?  Well, I kind of do, but anyway, we wrote up the schedule, along with some predictions for what games would be flexed.  As promised, let’s revisit those, based on what’s happened in the NHL’s first three months.

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More Hijinks From the NBC PR Dep’t

This has nothing to do with our post earlier and later today, but NBC released it’s press hype for Thursday’s Winter Classic.  You may recall our recent troubles with NBC’s PR department with a press conference transcriber’s misspelling of Sidney Crosby’s name.

Well, this time, it’s just a simple fact-checking or typing mistake, and it’s in the first sentence of the second paragraph of the release:

Bob Costas will host NBC’s coverage from Buffalo

The entire NBC Winter Classic press release is available for you after the jump.

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Puck the Media’s Top Ten Hockey Stories of the Year, #7: Fear the Penguin

Early this month, the knuckleheads over at The Pensblog posted this awesome compilation of their team’s terrible-ness between 2001 and 2006.  It’s very impressive, just how bad the Penguins became, including this tidbit from the 03-04 season:

From December 18, 2003, to February 22, 2004, the Pens record was:

Holy wowsers.  Can a team ever go 3-28-1 again in today’s NHL?  I should certainly hope not.  2003-04 was in one the definite valleys of our NHL fandom, however, and we didn’t really notice this.  We didn’t notice much during that season.  But we have noticed the Penguins throughout this calendar.  We’re kind of forced to though, they won’t leave us alone.  Seriously, Sidney, get off my TV.

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