Happy New Year!

Thank you all for joining us through the end of 2008.  It’s been a great and memorable year.  Your #1 story of 2008 is Sean Avery.  For everything he did to annoy us, surely there can be no other.  Also, the winner of our “Annoyingest” contest is Mats Sundin.  So you’re Top 10 stories of the year are:

10. The Mis-adventures of Oren Koules and Len Barrie in Tampa Bay
9. The Rise and Fall of the Dallas Stars
8. The Relocation Wheel Continues to Spin, Next Stop: Phoenix?
7. Fear the Penguin
6. Re-Birth in Boston and Chicago
5. A Classic in Buffalo
4. Brian Burke
3. Mats Sundin
2. Detroit Cup City
1. Sean Avery

Thank you once again, and we’ll see you on Friday.  What are our expectations for the Winter Classic ratings?  We’re predicting a 3.0 Overnight, a 2.6 Final rating, and about 4.0-4.1 Million viewers.  Enjoy the Winter Classic, and a happy, hockey-filled 2009 to you all.

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