Puck the Media’s Top Ten Hockey Stories of the Year, #7: Fear the Penguin

Early this month, the knuckleheads over at The Pensblog posted this awesome compilation of their team’s terrible-ness between 2001 and 2006.  It’s very impressive, just how bad the Penguins became, including this tidbit from the 03-04 season:

From December 18, 2003, to February 22, 2004, the Pens record was:

Holy wowsers.  Can a team ever go 3-28-1 again in today’s NHL?  I should certainly hope not.  2003-04 was in one the definite valleys of our NHL fandom, however, and we didn’t really notice this.  We didn’t notice much during that season.  But we have noticed the Penguins throughout this calendar.  We’re kind of forced to though, they won’t leave us alone.  Seriously, Sidney, get off my TV.

It all started with the Winter Classic (more tomorrow) and the Pens at Buffalo and Sidney in the shootout and yada yada.  Then, at the trade deadline, the Penguins came out of NOWHERE to grab Marian Hossa from the Thrashers, and make a run to the Stanley Cup Finals.

They failed to score in the first 17 games of that series, if I remember correctly, but came back to the point where we were almost certain Pittsburgh would force a Game 7.  I think I may have guaranteed it.  Regardless, they didn’t, but they sure as hell went down fighting:

The Pens rebounded from Hossa’s loss in the Summer and remain one of the most consistent teams statistics-wise, and a banner club for the NHL on TV and in the press, mostly due to #87.  How far they’ve come, eh?


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