Honda Shows Support of Hockey By Actually Making Commercials Centered on It

The NHL has numerous sponsors who support their efforts with advertisements in the arena, on TV, on concourses, and anywhere else the NHL holds an event.  The problem is, they don’t quite support the game enough with integration of the hockey brand within their commercials.  We spent a lot of time Christmas Day watching basketball, and noticed just how many “basketball-themed” commercials from their sponsors there were (Not counting that weird Chris Paul/Right Guard commercial.  Yuck.).  

Anyway, Honda – recently named official automocar of the NHL – has decided to reverse that trend with five new hockey-themed spots:

“We shot in Winnipeg, featuring real kids who play hockey, shown in their real houses with their real parents. The spots feature the Pilot, Ridgeline and Odyssey and lets NHL fans know that Honda truly understands the game of hockey,” said Joe Baratelli, SVP, creative director at RPA, in a release. “We set out to capture the commitment of the parents and the harsh conditions families endure all over North America to communicate Honda’s reliability and trustworthiness.”

This is a step in the right direction for the NHL, and certainly an improvement over NHL2K8 being featured in those Dodge commercials.  They need to encourage more brands to present hockey within their spots.  That’s why the McDonald’s deal is kind of blunt and disappointing.  But apparently, Honda is one of the sponsors who get it.


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