Great Moments from the NHL On FOX: The Deconstruction of Eric Lindros

We never liked Eric Lindros.  We probably never had a chance to, us being from Jersey, and he playing in, uh, Philly and New York.  Still, we just did not like something about him.  He was too fragile for his size, and he couldn’t keep his god damn head up in the neutral zone!  Eric, c’mon!  We mean, after the first time, learn the lesson and move on!

Sigh, anywho.  Here’s the first of Lindros’ concussions, suffered at the hands of one of our favorite non-Devils players, Darius Kaspar-minus, er, Kasparitis, plus some bonus videos of Lindros refusing to go after Tony Twist, taking on Adam Foote, and for posterity, him taking down Vladimir Konstantinov.

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