From the Sock Drawer: McDonalds, Dowd and More

“In the Sock Drawer”, a tribute to our old column,  is a new feature we plan to do on most days, whenever there’s some TV/media news to report that, quite frankly, isn’t worth making a full post about.

  • Good work on the NHL’s part, landing an advertising deal with McDonald’s which includes the Winter Classic, All-Star Game, and Team USA Hockey.  Does anyone else think that sappy Blackhawks-go-to-a-funeral-then-to-McDonalds helped make that happen?  Really, this is more of an excuse to post that awesome video Wyshynski made on his site.  Kudos, sir.
  • One more piece of news on the NHL-McDonald’s front. Don’t expect to see too much NHL presence at the Golden Arches for now.  As one Mickey D’s exec., via Sports Business Journal report, so bluntly puts it: McDonald’s has done some impressive nationwide NHL premium programs in Canada, including mini-jerseys, mini-trophies and trading cards, but, at least initially, those elements will not migrate south. “It will be media focused for now,” said John Lewicki, McDonald’s senior director of alliance marketing. “We’ll use the Winter Classic to push Premium Roast coffee, because that’s a good match.”  Well then, sir.
  • We’ve written about Jimmy Dowd’s potential as a broadcaster before.  Mike Morreale of follows up, though Jimmy’s still looking to get back into the game before time is up.  Stay on the TV side Jimmy!
  • Finally, Sports Media Watch predicts the NHL Winter Classic ratings will keep on the uptick this season.  We agree, but we’re still cautious about it.

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