Eh or Nay: Referees Morning Announcements, No More Wired For Sound, Fights in Highlights, WJCs

“Eh or Nay” is our new weekly feature, in which we discuss some interesting issues that pertain to our blog.  Usually, it’ll be with a special guest.  But today, we captain the ship solo.

First on the Docket: This season, in addition to announcing penalty calls, NHL officials have been announcing the results of video reviews to the crowd in the arena and at home via wireless mic.  Is this an improvement, or was the old format of “Ref points to center ice/waives it off” more dramatic/cool?  Or is simply more of “The NHL wants to be the NFL”-type stuff.

Lepore: Eh.  While the old style of doing things was, as I said, really drama-inducing and just-plain-cool, this needs to happen.  It’s a way that technology can help the officials communicate the reasoning behind what sometimes seems like a terrible decision, and hopefully make it make sense.  Doesn’t mean it will, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Next on the Docket: “Mic’d Up” seems to have disappeared from NHL telecasts on VERSUS and regional networks.  Was the whole “wired for sound” thing just uninteresting, or should the NHL force them to go back to it, just taking more consideration into who the player wearing a wire is?

Lepore: Nay, regardless of players.  You never got anything THAT fascinating from any player on the ice, and were certain you couldn’t use much of what Steve Ott or Sean Avery were saying, so it renders the entire process useless.

Third on the Docket: Fighting is now being shown in the sanctioned highlights of each game.  Your opinion on this will likely be the same as your general opinion on fighting.

Lepore: Eh.  It’s one of the most entertaining parts of a two-and-a-half hour game, so why shouldn’t it be part of a five minute highlight package?  I get as excited when I see them in the highlights of a game I didn’t see as I do a goal.

Finally on the Docket: The World Junior Championships, which we posted about earlier.  Are they truly the most underrated hockey competition in the states?  Or is it just much ado about nothing?

Lepore: Neigh to the WJCs.  It’s not because I’m American, it’s just because I can’t muster up excitement for players I’ve never seen before.  I love the Olympics, and would absolutely watch a World Cup and would watch the World Championships if I could, but I simply can’t get worked up – or even get some national pride – for some kids I likely won’t see on my team for another year or two.

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