Note to NBC Transcriber: S-I-D-N-E-Y

We hope you read our post on the NBC Winter Classic conference call yesterday.  Based on the statistics we got, you didn’t.  Here’s your chance to take a look at the conference call highlights one more time, just to see what we’re getting at by all this.

Did you figure it out?  Didja?  

Well, if you didn’t, the mistake will be bolded and quoted for you after the jump.

COSTAS ON LAST YEAR’S CLASSIC: “It really was fun last year no question about it. It would have been fun just because of the atmosphere with that whole snow globe look on television and then the game goes to overtime and Sydney Crosby ends up winning it. You couldn’t ask for anything more perfect than that.” 

This isn’t the first time that a major sports website has misspelled The Kid’s name, and based on hockey’s popularity among America’s sports-page editors, it won’t be the last.  But it is the first time we’ve seen an actual NHL rights holder screw it up.  I guess the transcriber, like host Bob Costas was assumed to be by a dumb questioner later in the conference call, was “slumming it” focusing on a hockey game.  We just wish he or she googled “Sydney Crosby” even, just to make sure.  But we’re pretty certain he or she did not care at all, much like NBC Sports’ general attitude towards the NHL.


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