How The New Pens Arena Name Reminds Me of “Meet the Spartans”

We aren’t exactly certain of the plot of “Meet the Spartans”, the critically panned 2008 “comedy” film, but we sure do not want to know.

See, some things are just plain terrible.  They aren’t good at all.  But at least they are an attempt to make something original.  But movies like “Meet the Spartans” are so called “parody” movies.  They spoof pop culture and recent films to put together a coherent movie.  Therefore, because the material is inherently unoriginal (and is so on purpose), the work needs to be of a certain quality to justify it’s existence.  Unfortunately, while “Meet the Spartans” is neither, it opened #1 at the box office, so it doesn’t really matter.

Sigh.  We worry too much sometimes.

Any way, the reason we discuss this is because something in hockey today made us.  What is so awful in the puck world that it could conjure imagery of one of the most critically panned films of all time?  Why, the newly announced name of the Pittsburgh Penguins new arena, of course.

This, friends, is the Consol Energy Center.  Home of the Pittsburgh Penguins, starting in 2010.  Come see Sid the Kid, Geno, et al at the Consol! 

Doesn’t really ring for me.

First of all, this name is just really lame.  I understand the company has ties to the Steel City, but we don’t go calling the arena in Los Angeles Death Row Records Gardens.  

Secondly, it’s also completely unoriginal.  Remember the XCel Energy Center out in Minnesota?  Yeah, I do.  So not only do the Penguins have a terrible arena name, it’s a rip-off of a terrible arena name.

My alternate suggestion?  I declare that we dub the new Penguins arena from here on out “The ‘Meet the Spartans’ Center”.  It’s certainly an improvement, and at least it’s an original name.  For an arena, at least…

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