Guest Post Masterpiece Theater: Business Matters

Today, while your faithful editor continues his mysterious break, we have multiple guest posters who are better than we are.  Here, we have Chris Wassel from The Program

Hello everyone….while Steve is off doing that scholarly thing known as exams and going nuts from them….I have been asked to step in on a day where you will see several of the brightest bloggers out there. Here is the bottom line…the cider is always cold but it seems the hockey world is heating up as always. Do not forget that things always change in the hockey world….they usually do not remain the same….usually.

My warped point of view on hockey issues often gets me in some hot water. What I enjoy the most though is just throwing it out there…not to see how it sticks. I do not know if Montreal fans actually chanted “sloppy seconds” at Dion Phaneuf but whatever else they did on Tuesday Night seemed to work in a 4-1 win. Only one problem, there were yet more injuries to make Montreal fans shudder with. Matt Dandenault and Christopher Higgins both got hurt tonight. Dandenault’s injury looked worse and a broken arm is indeed worse. He will be quickly placed on the IR. Christopher Higgins took a nasty hit to the boards and left with a shoulder injury late in the first and did not return. It just seems like Montreal’s 100th anniversary is turning into a horror show complete with screams at least on the injury board but thankfully not in the standings.

Then of course there is that whole economic thing… is a little more thanks to a little something I wrote Tuesday Night…..

What scares me is the fear that we have not hit bottom with the economy just yet. I do not need number crunchers to tell me how bad it is…I am living the realities of it. Would I love to be able to cover some more games? Sure I would. However, right now, it just will not happen. The fat has to be trimmed folks….these “Governors” need to realize that. For the NHL to say they are in a freeze and are cutting back in other ways…..just makes me curious as to what they are cutting back honestly. Hey…novel concept boneheads….lower ticket prices! Throw a bigger bone to the fans…..we need a bailout! How about that?

There will be all these stories over the days, weeks, and months ahead of how owners are crying poor. how it is because of the economy that other rule changes and such cannot be voted on, etc….that could help the game. The economy is bad….do not talk about it….do something about it! Talk is cheap….I want to see some action not only with the economy and hockey but also the game of hockey itself. The puck is on your side of the red line Gary….start acting like a commissioner again and not a PC policeman.

Simply it is a classic case of the bigger problems dwarfing the small one. As usual Bettman’s tinkering masks the bigger problem or problems. Talking solves nothing…action does. Right now the NHL has a severe problem with the Phoenix Coyotes…..they are expected to lose 25 to 35 million dollars this year again. More than likely, they will not be financially viable for very much longer at this rate. It is not a secret that ownership wants to eventually get rid of the team because they will have to not because they want to. The bottom line is Phoenix is in trouble here and the signs came from a mile away. More than likely, a new owner will have to step in there despite the hardest efforts of the Coyotes and their marketing staff, which has been extrememely impressive. (Pierre the Snowman as an example). So say a prayer for the Yotes and their fans, the next year is going to be rough and that is off the ice not just on.

Lastly, thanks again to Steve for letting me contribute to his great blog as a guest. Puck The Media is some great stuff and here’s a cider to it. By the way, hockey is always a great time to reflect and bomb away on the topics at hand. Thanks for having me and enjoy the cavalcade of guest bloggers today.

4 Responses to Guest Post Masterpiece Theater: Business Matters

  1. It’s a good article, but it’s not really me writing it.

  2. Chris Wassel says:

    Leave it to Steve…maybe he thought Pittsburgh scored again.

  3. Bryan says:

    I was hoping the Pens would have hit ten last night. If you’re going to lose, you may as well get blown out. And if you’re going to get blown out, you may as well let the other team run up the score on you. Seriously, how often do you see ten-goal games? It would have been awesome.

  4. Bryan, as a Bruins fan who had washington do just that (10-2) against us on National TV (ok, Versus) last year, I disagree.

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