Billy Jaffe, Rising Star


It wasn’t so long ago when nobody outside of Atlanta and Long Island knew who Billy Jaffe was. Jaffe started out as the Thrashers radio announcer in 2000. After his time in Atlanta, Jaffe moved up to New York to replace Joe Micheletti on Islanders broadcasts. Over the last three years, Jaffe’s star has begun to finally skyrocket – and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy.

I still remember Jaffe’s first broadcasts with the Islanders. Since his partner Howie Rose was out broadcasting the Mets in the 2006 playoffs, Jaffe was paired with legendary broadcaster Jiggs McDonald. Right away, the enthusiasm and charisma of Billy Jaffe was evident, even as the Islanders were getting blown out regularly on the season-opening West Coast trip. Jaffe was quick to win over the Islanders faithful, winning a New York Emmy Award in his very first season.

While Jaffe has been a member of the Versus team since the lockout and has been held in high regard in the media capital of the world, it wasn’t until Jaffe’s regular appearances on NHL Live that he became a household name for hockey diehards. This season, he’s been all over the place, appearing on what seems like every show on the NHL Network. He hasn’t been on Versus as much as I’d like, but he’s in the booth now after spending time as a sideline reporter. Just another notch on the belt of Billy Jaffe.

Billy Jaffe might not be the face of hockey, but he’s a young, likable face in a sport that needs all the media help it can get. A few weeks ago, this very blog asked who would be the play-by-play voice of the future once Doc Emrick retires. If you’re looking for a potential color commentator of the future, Jaffe could easily be the guy. He’s well on his way to great things in this industry, and as an Islanders fan, I’m privileged to hear him call 82 games a year.


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Yet Another Reason Why Fans Don’t Watch Hockey On TV

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We’ve heard all the excuses for hockey’s low TV ratings. It’s too hard to see the puck. I can’t find Versus on my cable package. ESPN doesn’t cover hockey, so I don’t care about hockey. Yet somehow, the laundry list of grievances held against hockey – and, more specificially, why people don’t watch it on TV – is missing one critical component.

The intermissions are too damn long.

Guest Post Masterpiece Theater: Business Matters

Today, while your faithful editor continues his mysterious break, we have multiple guest posters who are better than we are.  Here, we have Chris Wassel from The Program

Hello everyone….while Steve is off doing that scholarly thing known as exams and going nuts from them….I have been asked to step in on a day where you will see several of the brightest bloggers out there. Here is the bottom line…the cider is always cold but it seems the hockey world is heating up as always. Do not forget that things always change in the hockey world….they usually do not remain the same….usually.

My warped point of view on hockey issues often gets me in some hot water. What I enjoy the most though is just throwing it out there…not to see how it sticks. I do not know if Montreal fans actually chanted “sloppy seconds” at Dion Phaneuf but whatever else they did on Tuesday Night seemed to work in a 4-1 win. Only one problem, there were yet more injuries to make Montreal fans shudder with. Matt Dandenault and Christopher Higgins both got hurt tonight. Dandenault’s injury looked worse and a broken arm is indeed worse. He will be quickly placed on the IR. Christopher Higgins took a nasty hit to the boards and left with a shoulder injury late in the first and did not return. It just seems like Montreal’s 100th anniversary is turning into a horror show complete with screams at least on the injury board but thankfully not in the standings.

Then of course there is that whole economic thing… is a little more thanks to a little something I wrote Tuesday Night…..
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