Guest Poster Masterpiece Theater: Cornelius Hardenbergh Agrees That “The Instigators” is Awesome

Today, while your faithful editor continues his mysterious break, we have multiple guest posters who are better than we are.  Here, we have Cornelius Hardenbergh, from his Hockey Blog Adventure.

Ok, here goes:

First of all, hello to everyone on Puck the Media.  You may know me for commenting on every other story and basically being a big Bruins homer.  I (of course) do not apologize for that.  After all, I’m a boston fan and that’s how we’re supposed to be, right?

Enough about me, though.  The real purpose of my guest-writing here is to discuss the best play-by-play announcer to ever grace the airwaves:  Jack Edwards.  Ok, maybe not the best.  But in terms of loud yelling, acting-like-an-excited-12-year-old, Jack is the best in the business.  Eat your heart out, Jeanneret.  Jack has come a long way from humble beginnings with UNH hockey, then the 1988 olympics, and so on through the nineties.  The beginning of the millenium saw Mr. Edwards covering C-level sports on ESPN (that is, anything below hockey and 2 levels below poker) back in 2003.  He got brought on board with NESN in 2005, and we haven’t looked back.  Yeah, the Thornton trade helped matters, but I think Edwards’ broadcasting prowess is really what has brought Boston back to hockey fandom.

Oh, and the winning.  Boston fans like the winning.

Anyhow, the Bruins have been doing so well that NESN decided to create a new talking-heads hockey review show:  The Instigators.  You can find the web page of the show here:

As you can see, it’s Mike “I hit a guy with a shoe and it was the peak of my career” Milbury, Andy “Last pick” Brickley, and Jack “Velociraptor” Edwards.  The show is arranged like a hockey game:  1st period, 2nd period, 3rd period, Overtime, Shootout.  For the inaugural show, they talked about, and I kid you not: The “Pansification” and lack of respect in the game of hockey.  Yes.  Yes they did.  Of course, Milbury and Brickley actually PLAYED in the NHL, and the things they say come accross with the gravitas of experience.  Jack Edwards has been a commentator, and it shows in a talking head show like this.

Andy Brickley by far has the most credibility of the three, but he’s all business.

Mike Milbury suggests that in order for players to play in the NHL in a year, they should be playing in a recognized league by November 1st.  Would he sign the key to the win after that?  “Yes.”  Sure, Mike.

and “Who would you pick to build a franchise around.”  The picks:
Mike Milbury: Alexander Ovechkin (hard-hitting goal-scoring forward) 
Andy Brickley: Dion Phaneuf (hard-hitting offensive defensemen)
Jack Edwards: Sydney Crosby (english-speaking passer)

For a first episode, it was a little awkward but showed promise.  I encourage y’all to check out the clips on the NESN website (at the link above) and see first-hand what this is really like.  If I had the facilities, I’d be recording it and putting it on youtube for all to see.  If only for the inevitable face-to-palm interaction after Mike Milbury calls Andy Brickley a “dink” again.

For Puck the Media, I’m Cornelius Hardenbergh.  Check out my regular gig at


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