Guest Poster Masterpiece Theater: Cornelius Hardenbergh Agrees That “The Instigators” is Awesome

Today, while your faithful editor continues his mysterious break, we have multiple guest posters who are better than we are.  Here, we have Cornelius Hardenbergh, from his Hockey Blog Adventure.

Ok, here goes:

First of all, hello to everyone on Puck the Media.  You may know me for commenting on every other story and basically being a big Bruins homer.  I (of course) do not apologize for that.  After all, I’m a boston fan and that’s how we’re supposed to be, right?

Enough about me, though.  The real purpose of my guest-writing here is to discuss the best play-by-play announcer to ever grace the airwaves:  Jack Edwards.  Ok, maybe not the best.  But in terms of loud yelling, acting-like-an-excited-12-year-old, Jack is the best in the business.  Eat your heart out, Jeanneret.  Jack has come a long way from humble beginnings with UNH hockey, then the 1988 olympics, and so on through the nineties.  The beginning of the millenium saw Mr. Edwards covering C-level sports on ESPN (that is, anything below hockey and 2 levels below poker) back in 2003.  He got brought on board with NESN in 2005, and we haven’t looked back.  Yeah, the Thornton trade helped matters, but I think Edwards’ broadcasting prowess is really what has brought Boston back to hockey fandom.

Oh, and the winning.  Boston fans like the winning.

Anyhow, the Bruins have been doing so well that NESN decided to create a new talking-heads hockey review show:  The Instigators.  You can find the web page of the show here:
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Guest Post Masterpiece Theater: Kevin Schultz’s Five Pieces of Advice for the Blogosphere

Today, while your faithful editor continues his mysterious break, we have multiple guest posters who are better than we are.  Here, we have Kevin Schultz, who can be seen regularly at Barry Melrose Rocks, and NHL Fanhouse, as he’s about to tell you. 

Aloha Puck the Media readers! I hope you’re all enjoying the army of guest posters that are passing through while Steve is… Well… I can’t talk about it. It’s top secret. My name is Kevin. You may remember me from such websites as Barry Melrose Rocks and FanHouse’s NHL section.

Today, in keeping with the media theme around here, I’m going to share with you some of my gripes and polite suggestions. Given that, technically, I am part of the media I cannot guarantee you that they will be wholly unbiased. But I’ll try. It’s funny that isn’t something that I haven’t given serious consideration to until now – that as a blogger I am now part of the media, like it or not. It’s almost something that would cramp a blogger’s style. You know, it’s the ‘oh my God, I am not like those people!’ kind of thing. But like it or not, we’re family. Anyway, enough random thoughts. Here are the changes and suggestions that, in my opinion, the media should listen up about. Read more of this post

Another Reason For Obama to Step Up and Go to the Winter Classic

That blurry photograph above you is of our 42nd President and Buffalo Sabres owner Tom Golisano.  Former President Clinton was in Buffalo on Wednesday and decided to take in the Sabres-Lightning game.  This was the 2nd time Mr. Clinton had taken in a Sabre game, so this photo could be old.  According to the Buffalo News:

Clinton dropped by the locker rooms to meet players from both the Sabres and Tampa Bay Lightning, sources said. He then took a seat next to Golisano in the owner’s suite.

Well, there you go.  You’re on notice, President-Elect Obama!  There is an offer out there for you to go to the Winter Classic.  Take it!

Thanks Again, and Today and Tomorrow’s Slate

Wrap Around Curl was awesome yesterday.  Please visit her, as links are available in her posts and at the side of the page.  And here.

Today will be a bit of a grab bag.  You’ll hear from Kevin Schultz of Barry Melrose Rocks around 1PM, and Cornelius Hardenbergh around 6PM.  I might have a few words in before the end of the day.

Brian from The Rivalry will take over on Friday.  Again, I might post, but it will be minimal.  Then our usual “dazed and confused” weekend, with a Part 2/addendum to our post on “The Enthusiasm Gap”.

Have a good day, folks.  Thanks again to all our contributors.

outtie 5000.

It’s been fun kids and I enjoyed entertaining you for a few moments today. We now return to your regularly scheduled programming and you can always find me here. Which I write about my darling Spokane Chiefs. Or here and here. Slowly but surely I am taking over the interwebz.

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