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I was all set to bang out some prose about why I love Ovechkin more than Crosby. Then I read this cute tidbit on “teh interwebz” and it threw my plan off. At least for the moment.

So, in summation. Vote Ovechkin.

Avery’s Road to Redemption

I love Sean Avery.

Anyone who has read my stuff even passively might be aware of my fawning over Mr. Avery. He is interesting. He has depth. He would probably be a nice throw in the sheets and would buy me a lovely pair shoes. I am a pretty little lady and I am allowed to dream.

I found his “sloppy seconds” comment to be hilariously inappropriate. I figured Avery operates on the Warholism, “Don’t read what they write about you. Just measure it in inches.” But apparently his remark didn’t go over so lovely and he is in a bit of a hole.

Fine. Let’s get my babycakes out of the doghouse. He apparently apologized to Cuthbert. Yeah whatever. Anyways, the six game suspension wasn’t good enough for some peeps.

I took intro to public relations once for a quarter. I totally passed which I think qualifies me to ramble on about how I’d theoretically undo the damage;

-Sean? Go on Martha Stewart and bake some friggen cookies. Martha will interview just about anyone and make them look awesome. I mean, she made mashed potatoes with Snoop Dogg that had some kind of booze in them. Make nice with Martha and pick up the Sears demographic.

-Cuthbert snagged the slot (ha!) as the celebrity judge on Canada’s Project Runway. Hey guess what I want you to do? Sub in one epi for her. It totally works. You smile, nod and PLAY NICE. No picking up the models/designers/host. Learn to make witticisms on fashion. Plus it guarantees you getting dibbs the newest Yves St Laurent hi tops.

-Ok this one is a toughie. It requires Kelly Ripa. And she is totally fucking annoying. But…You really need to sit in for Regis. Take notes from Anderson Cooper. I mean, how charming was he talking about watching Living Lohan? So Sean, talk to Kelly about how you secretly love it when Bravo runs Must Love Dogs or how you TiVo America’s Next Top Model. Grin and be a bit sheepish.

-You+Conan O’Brien=Magiccccccc. One I have a soft spot for that giant ginger man. Two, you schmooze the late night crowd. Teach Conan the ins and outs of a hockey fight. In fact, see if you can get him in skates and do a demo. Hilarity would ensue, of course. It’d be like the time John Malkovich taught him to leg wrestle. But extra awesome.

All better.

Yeah I lol’d that.


William Houston: NBC to Re-Up with NHL

This news comes from William Houston of The Globe and Mail:

The NHL is expected to extend its TV deal with NBC through the 2009-10 season. The profit-sharing arrangement has made money for both sides, but not a great deal. The NHL and NBC each earned a profit of less than $5-million (U.S.) from the 2007-08 season, according to sources.

The extension makes sense for the NHL, which would have games airing on NBC, the U.S. Olympic network, in January of 2010 before the hockey tournament in February.

The article also states that Chris Cuthbert, and not Gord Miller, will be calling the Olympic Gold Medal game.  Good decision.

Once again, enjoy Wrap Around Curl on Wednesday, but we wanted to get this out there.