Okay, Let’s Talk About This Like Adults: With Melrose, Barnaby and Others, ESPN Could Probably Take NHL Rights This Second

“Okay, Let’s Talk About This Like Adults” is a new, semi-regular feature (Which really should be the trigger words of the “Puck the Media Drinking Game”) in which we talk about actual factual serious issues concerning the NHL in the media.  Like what we really promised this blog would be about from the start, before it essentially became pictures of Lindsay Soto and Conan O’Brien.  We even stop using the royal “We” for a post.

Listen folks, I’m not interested in returning to ESPN.  I’ve stated this so many times before, that I won’t even waste my time linking you to all those occasions.  Okay… maybe just once.  But I have noticed something, as ESPN made it’s rehire of analyst Barry Melrose this week.  It’s that, looking over everything, ESPN could probably put together a decent hockey production right here, right now.  If we gave them both the VERSUS and NBC packages (as I’ve speculated previously), here’s what ESPN’s NHL coverage would look like.

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