NHL Tournament of Announcers, Round 1, Match 14, Dick Irvin Bracket: Don Terhaar vs. John Forslund






Alright, another battle in Round 1.  Bob Miller is your previous first-round winner.  Tonight, we have Minnesota Wild play-by-play man Don Terhaar vs. Hurricanes/VERSUS play-by-play man John Forslund.  Voting till tomorrow at 5:30.  Enjoy!


Speaking of VERSUS: VERSUS Ratings Up For Hockey, College Football

As VERSUS is the cable network devoted to the National Hockey League, we feel it is in every hockey fan’s best interest to know some of the non-NHL stuff that’s been going on at the network.  Every so often, we’ll update you on it with a segment called “Speaking of VERSUS”.

Just a couple of notes on the network, both of them coming from Sports Business Journal via Sports Media Watch:

  • VERSUS NHL ratings are up once again.  While the games averaged an 0.3 average for the entire season last year, the early season is usually lower-rated.  This year, through 17 games, VERSUS is up to an 0.3 already, up 22% from last year.  The network’s up 49% among men 18-34, 46% among men 18-49, and 51% among men 25-54, all huge NHL demograhpics.
  • VERSUS is also doing well via it’s college football coverage.  VERSUS drew 1.6 million viewers for Oregon-Oregon St. last week, it’s most-watched college football broadcast ever.  VERSUS is up 33% in ratings and 40% in viewers, in no small part due to it’s studio show and more comprehensive coverage of the sport.