The Happy Recap: In Which We See “The Enthusiasm Gap” in Person

We attended the New Jersey Nets-Minnesota Timberwolves game in person tonight.  We were in part curious to see the “enthusiasm gap” that Wyshynski suggested in his piece on the whole NHL-NBA attendance battle.  We really wanted to give the association a shot.

To be honest, we were let down.

There were more empty seats than filled ones.  Attendance was announced at 15,364.  But in a 20,000-seat arena that I’ve seen filled, there were no more than 10-11,000 tops.  But that was not it.  In a very youth-friendly crowd, there was not ONE fan-started chant.  Everything was encouraged by the scoreboard or an in-game host.  Even when the Nets began to blowout Minnesota, the crowd never got much louder than when they were encouraged to “Make Some Noise”.

I’ll give no more but the facts on that.  You can judge a Friday night Minnesota-New Jersey game for yourself.

What We Did Today (AKA Gratuitous Self-Linkage):

We’ll be around for more Tournament of Announcers this weekend.  Plus, we need to catch up on some Barry Melrose opinionating.  

This has been our best week as far as readership, ever.  Thank you so very much for reading Puck the Media.  Your enthusiasm is much higher than the NBA game I saw tonight.

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