CBC Has Another Tripleheader Saturday, I Need to Move to Canada (HNIC Announcing Schedule)

Ever since I had first grasped what “Hockey Night in Canada” was, I knew I loved it.  I knew I even loved it just in theory.  Saturday is one of the reasons why.  HNIC presents what, I think, is it’s third triple-header of the season.  All are pretty decent games or feature some solid star power.  Here’s your announcing slate for Hockey Night in Canada this Saturday

2:00 PM Pittsburgh vs. Ottawa 
Play by Play: Dean Brown 
Color: Gary Galley 

6:30 PM Scotiabank Hockey Tonight
Host: Ron MacLean

7:00 PM Regional Coverage

Washington vs. Toronto
Play by Play: Jim Hughson 
Color: Craig Simpson

New Jersey vs. Montreal 
Play by Play: Bob Cole
Color: Greg Millen

10:00 PM Edmonton vs. San Jose 
Play by Play: Mark Lee
Color: Mark Crawford

12:30 PM  After Hours 
Host: Scott Oake 

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