The Happy Recap: In Which We See “The Enthusiasm Gap” in Person

We attended the New Jersey Nets-Minnesota Timberwolves game in person tonight.  We were in part curious to see the “enthusiasm gap” that Wyshynski suggested in his piece on the whole NHL-NBA attendance battle.  We really wanted to give the association a shot.

To be honest, we were let down.

There were more empty seats than filled ones.  Attendance was announced at 15,364.  But in a 20,000-seat arena that I’ve seen filled, there were no more than 10-11,000 tops.  But that was not it.  In a very youth-friendly crowd, there was not ONE fan-started chant.  Everything was encouraged by the scoreboard or an in-game host.  Even when the Nets began to blowout Minnesota, the crowd never got much louder than when they were encouraged to “Make Some Noise”.

I’ll give no more but the facts on that.  You can judge a Friday night Minnesota-New Jersey game for yourself.

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The NHL Tournament of Announcers: Round 1, Match 13, Dick Irvin Bracket: Gord Miller vs. Bob Miller





Finally, after three weeks, we’re at the final bracket of Round 1.  Randy Hahn pummeled Dean Brown in our last Dan Kelly bracket matchup, so that now looks like this in Round 2:

#8 Jack Edwards 
#2 Bob Cole

#6 Jeff Rimer
#4 Randy Hahn

We will get to those soon.  But now, we’re on to the Dick Irvin bracket.  Our first matchup: TSN’s Gord Miller vs. LA Kings legend (and announcer in “D2: The Mighty Ducks) Bob Miller.  Voting will go until Saturday at 5:30, as we’ll be doing this through the weekend to get this tournament moving.  Enjoy. 

Great Moments From The NHL On FOX: Mike Peluso Cries, Wins Cup

One of the first things that ever turned us on to hockey was when our parents bought us the 1995 Devils Stanley Cup Championship video.  Within months, we were able to quote it to anyone who’d listen.  One of my favorite Devils on that team was Mike Peluso, and “Crash Line” mates Bobby Holik and Randy McKay.  They seemed to emphasize what the game was all about:  Being tough, but also being able to contribute offensively.

Anyway, in our clip today, John Davidson touchingly explains why Mike Peluso missed a shift in the clinching Game 4 of the ’95 Final series.  Enjoy, after the jump.

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CBC Has Another Tripleheader Saturday, I Need to Move to Canada (HNIC Announcing Schedule)

Ever since I had first grasped what “Hockey Night in Canada” was, I knew I loved it.  I knew I even loved it just in theory.  Saturday is one of the reasons why.  HNIC presents what, I think, is it’s third triple-header of the season.  All are pretty decent games or feature some solid star power.  Here’s your announcing slate for Hockey Night in Canada this Saturday

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