TV Ratings Cavalcade: Mostly Positive News League-Wide, Avery Drums Up Good Numbers For Stars-Flames


The TV Ratings Cavalcade is a semi-regular feature that we hope to have appearing monthly here at Puck the Media.  It’s simply a compilation of local and national television ratings for the NHL’s 30 teams.  We’ll do our best to put these numbers in realistic terms for you, the reader.’s TV Ratings blog has a big post on NHL local ratings today, and we’ll break down what we thought was most interesting:


  •  11 U.S. Teams have increases in ratings of 10% or higher so far this season.  In a crowded Fall and Winter marketplace, that is certainly good news.
  • #1 in local ratings?  No surprise, it’s the Sabres, who draw an 8.9 on MSG in Buffalo, which comes out to a little over 70,000 viewers.
  • However, the Pittsburgh Penguins trump the Sabres in market size, and their #2 mark of a 5.7 on FSN Pittsburgh comes out to a little over 200,000.  
  • Other teams doing well year-to-year: Detroit, Minnesota, Philadelphia, St. Louis.
  • Teams in huge markets showing big-time growth just this year: No surprise, it’s Washington (up an astonishing 140% to a 1.2, #9 media market), Chicago (up 71% to 1.2, in the #2 media market) and San Jose (up 50% to a 1.2, #6 media market)
  • Other teams with big increases: Colorado, Los Angeles, the Rangers, Tampa, Boston.

In other local ratings news, Sean Avery – in the end, we suppose – did draw some buzz for the Stars-Flames game.  Barry Horn of the Dallas Morning News Sports Media Blog, who was all over hockey stuff yesterday, reports:

Rating for the Stars-Flames game on Channel 27 was a 1.5. That’s 37,350 homes.
Rating for the Clippers-Mavericks game on Fox Sports Net was a 1.1 That’s 27,390 homes.

Yes, I know that broadcast television draws better ratings than cable and the Mavericks were home but any time a Stars game in low-def outscores a Mavericks game in high-def played on the same night that’s news. My inside ratings guru calls it “very unusual.”

I just don’t know what to think of this.

Anyway, we’re sure for every positive note, there’s a negative one, but it’s certainly good news when the NHL is doing solid business locally in Top 10 TV markets.  Gary Bettman must be salivating at having the Hawks up 70%+ going into the Winter Classic.

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