Awful Announcing Attempts to Take Winter Classic Promo Down a Peg

Sometimes, we don’t wanna have to be that guy you know who won’t shut up about how great hockey is, and defending it to all his friends and whatnot.  But here, we have to get up on the soapbox and complain about something.  Awful Announcing, one of our favorite blogs to ignore hockey (and we mean the “favorite” part sincerely), decided to lower itself to talk about the unanimously-declared awesome “Winter Classic II: Chicago Bugaloo” promo.  Instead of go on about how cool it was, how reverent it was to both hockey and baseball, he decided to point out, incorrectly, that hey, that might not have been Harry Caray!

That title is coming across a little harsher than I wanted it to, but it’s up there so we’re going with it. NBC released their commercial promoting the Winter Classic (you know the outdoor Hockey game on New Years Day), and not only is there a cheap Harry Caray knock off, but a voice-over cameo from Bob Costas!

If only he had read NBC’s Press Release for the commercial, you know, anywhere:

he TV spot, backed by the singing of the late, legendary baseball broadcaster Harry Caray and his iconic version of “Take Me Out To the Ball Game,” debuted last night in the U.S. on the “NBC Sunday Night Football Game” between the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings.

AA apologized later in the morning for it’s gaffe, and was very complimentary of the promo, and the Winter Classic itself.  But still, do a little research before you look to take a potshot like that.  That’d be like us ending without those previous two sentences.  We have no joke to go out on there, but well, that’s exactly what it would be like!  In fact, a better ending would be for you to just watch the promo again.  So do that.

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