Will Barack Obama Say “Yes We Can” to the Winter Classic?

Some titles are too easy.  Anyway, doesn’t our President Elect look rather bad-ass in that photograph?  His face is all “check this out, I got me a Wings jersey.  Tell Palin’s hockey moms to go bag skate for the day.”  Obama may have to leave is Red Wings jersey in the closet (where were sure it holds a prominent place) for January 1, 2009.  Why?  Because Blackhawks President/Ambassador to Anyone Who’ll Listen John McDounough is attempting to get Senator Obama to attend to the Winter Classic game, according to Ken Campbell’s cover story in this week’s THN (Subscription Req. to view Digital Version):


Among those the Hawks hope will take in the game is Chicagoan Barack Obama, who at that time will be 19 days away from being inaugurated as the 44th president of the United States.  Obama is an avowed White Sox fan and even though McDounough worked for the Cubs, he’s working on some of the people in Obama’s camp.

As far as I’m aware, William Jefferson Clinton was the first sitting President to take in a hockey game, though I cannot find any proof of it happening.  We know the Red Wings and all past champions have been to the White House, but this would certainly be the greatest connection ever between a President and a hockey game, which begs the question, how big could the Winter Classic become for the sport and the league, just by the image of Obama attending, even dropping a ceremonial faceoff?

We could see tons of things spring from this happening.  What about an interview with presumable host Bob Costas or play-by-play man Mike Emrick, in which Obama extolls the virtues of the sport to an audience likely only tuning in to see him?  The Winter Classic, in it’s one year of existence, is already the seemingly most bankable publicity stunt the league has, so let’s go all out on this.  What else does Obama have to do on New Year’s Day anyway?  Send him out to Wrigley, drop a puck, talk to Costas, win over the hockey moms and promote a game.

Let’s just hope he shows up wearing a Hawks jersey, or the Joe Six-packs who fill in Wrigley that day might not be so excited to see him.

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